Screening and Selection

Phase 1 - Preliminary Assessment

Therapeutics Decision Making (TDM) Examination

  • Required for all PRA-NL applicants.
  • Administered by the Medical Council of Canada (MCC).
  • Applicants referred to the exam by PRA-NL if they meet the mandatory requirements.
  • For more information, please go to
  • Please review the TDM Candidates Guidelines in the Resources Section for additional exam criteria, information and resources.

Phase 2 - Preliminary Assessment

Selection Interview

  • Conducted virtually via WebEx or another platform.
  • Applicants are responsible for all costs associated with the interview.

Academic Committee Review & Recommendation

The PRA-NL Academic Committee reviews each applicant’s PRA-NL application, CV, selection interview results, and history of independent clinical practice as the Most Responsible Physician (MRP) and makes recommendations for the 12-week CFA.

A determination of eligibility for a provisional license by the CPSNL does not guarantee recommendation for the 12-week CFA. Physicians with significant gaps in practice (i.e. one or more years away from full-time practice), episodic practice (i.e. practicing for blocks of less than 3 months at a time), or who have no currency beyond the minimum required for the CPSNL, are significantly less competitive.

If recommended for the 12-week CFA, PRA-NL forwards your CV to Newfoundland and Labrador Health Services (NLHS) for sponsorship for the assessment. This sponsorship is required to participate in the 12-week Clinical Field Assessment.

Phase 3 – 12-Week Clinical Field Assessment (CFA)

  • 12 weeks in a candidate’s NLHS zone of sponsorship.
  • The CFA involves direct and indirect candidate supervision and evaluation of patient care by approved physician assessors.  Assessors will attempt to ensure that candidates are given the opportunity to see the full range of patients cared for by family physicians and in a variety of settings which may include the office, hospital, emergency departments, nursing homes, and the patient’s home. Candidates will also be required to participate in any after-hours and on-call responsibilities.
  • It is recognized that mentoring and teaching will inevitably occur during the clinical field assessment. However, the main role of assessors is to provide feedback to the candidates about their performance using the assessment tools provided by PRA-NL.
  • The PRA-NL Academic Committee reviews all assessment documentation and recommends whether candidates pass or fail the PRA.

Candidate Requirements*

  • Complete all documentation required by PRA-NL, CPSNL, and/or zone of sponsorship. This includes, but is not limited to:
    • Ensure continuation of eligibility with the CPSNL
    • Ensure continuation of eligibility for licensure with the CPSNL.
    • Provide proof of CMPA coverage.
    • Complete the PRA-NL candidate orientation requirements.
      *Candidates are responsible for all associated fees.

*Candidates are responsible for all associated costs.

If a candidate passes the 12-week CFA, PRA-NL provides no promise, warranty or condition that they will be able to meet the requirements of the CPSNL to receive a license to practice as a physician in Newfoundland and Labrador or elsewhere in Canada.