Research & Educational Development

Research and educational development along the continuum of medical education is essential for advancing the training of learners to improve healthcare outcomes in our communities. OPED has a full team of research associates and education specialists responsible for advancing research and scholarship and for ensuring quality and continuous improvement through assessment and evaluation of all programs.

Research & Scholarship

OPED has a diversity of expertise and experience in this area and collaborate with students, residents, faculty, and practicing health professional in the areas of research and educational scholarship. OPED offers the Health Professions Education Forumand the Medical Education Scholarship Programregularly to provide learners and faculty the opportunity to discuss innovation and scholarship in medical education and to develop skills in medical education scholarship.

Program Assessment & Evaluation

Program assessment and evaluation are essential components of supporting the continuum of medical education. For the Undergraduate Medical Education (UGME) program, assessment and evaluation fall under the direction of the Undergraduate Medical Studies Committee (UGMS); assessment under the Student Assessment Sub Committee (SAS) and evaluation activities are managed by the Program Evaluation Sub Committee (PESC). For continuing professional and faculty development programs, needs assessment and evaluation is essential for the certification/accreditation of programs, informing relevant content development, and measuring effectiveness of programming.