Medical Council of Canada (MCC) Resources:

  • A list of reference books and online reference materials that may be helpful in preparing for your upcoming MCC Qualifying Examination Part I, National Assessment Collaboration (NAC) Examination, Therapeutics Decision-Making Examination or Practice-Ready Assessment program.

Textbooks related to Family Medicine/Medicine:

  • Belle Brown, J., Thornton, T., & Stewart, M. (2011). Challenges and solutions: Narratives of patient-centered care. Radcliffe Publishing.
  • Evans, M., & Meuser, J. (2005). Mosby’s family practice sourcebook: An evidence-based approach to care.  Elsevier Canada.
  • Freeman, T.R. (2016). McWhinney’s textbook of family medicine, 4th edition. Oxford University Press.
  • Goldman, L., & Schafer, A. (2015). Goldman-Cecil medicine. 25th edition. Elsevier Canada.
  • Gray, J. (2011). Therapeutic choices. Canadian Pharmacists Association.
  • Rakel, R., & Rakel, D. (2015). Textbook of family medicine, 9th edition. Elsevier Canada.
  • Stewart, M., Belle Brown, J., Weston, W., McWhinney, I.R., McWilliam, C., & Freeman, T. (2013). Patient-centred medicine: Transforming the clinical method, 3rd edition. CRC Press.

Continuing Professional Development:

Other Resources: