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Class of 2023
Session Information

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Session Title:
Phase 4 Educational Technologies
Teaching Hours:
Teaching and Learning MethodsTotal Scheduled Hours = 1
Independent Learning = 1
Teaching and Learning Methods
Independent Learning 1 hour(s)

Learning Objectives
Blueprint ID Learning Objectives
10297 Record patient encounters, clinical procedures, EPA assessments using the T-Res application.
10298 Review Phase 4-rotation schedule using the One45 system.
10299 Complete and review Phase 4 evaluations using the One45 system.
10300 Review academic content and complete learning activities for each rotation using the Desire2Learn Learning Management System.
10301 Use a web conferencing application for remote collaboration with faculty and other students.

Linked Course Goal(s) to Session
Blueprint ID Course Goals
7445 Describe the role of a phase 4 learner on the health care team for various clinical settings
Linked Program Competencies
To This Course Goal:
12006 Record clinical procedures, patient encounters and EPA feedback and coaching using teaching learning and assessment technology
Linked Program Competencies
To This Course Goal:
Linked Program Competencies To Course Goal(s)
co-1 Collaborator
Demonstrate effective collaboration skills within the health care system.
cm-5 Communicator
Demonstrate effective oral and written communication of information associated with a medical encounter.

Linked MCC Medical Expert Objectives
Medical Expert