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Class of 2023
Session Information

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Session Title:
Clinical Epidemiology: Data Collection and Analysis
Teaching Hours:
Teaching and Learning MethodsTotal Scheduled Hours = 1
Independent Learning = 1
Teaching and Learning Methods
Independent Learning 1 hour(s)

Learning Objectives
Blueprint ID Learning Objectives
11507 Identify sources of data that already exist that may be useful to address clinical, population health, or health policy questions
11508 Explore existing datasets
11509 Describe methods for the collection and storage of new research data and how to do so most efficiently and accurately
11510 Describe issues that may arise in relation to data security, retention and ownership
11511 Identify online resources that provide guidance to choice of analytic strategy including statistical analysis

Linked Course Goal(s) to Session
Blueprint ID Course Goals
7473 Develop and present research data collection and analysis report
Linked Program Competencies
To This Course Goal:
sc-1 sc-2 sc-3
Linked Program Competencies To Course Goal(s)
sc-1 Scholar
Develop a plan for personal continued education.
sc-2 Scholar
Apply the principles of research, critical appraisal and evidence-based medicine to learning and practice.
sc-3 Scholar
Demonstrate facilitation of learning for health care professionals, patients and society as part of the professional responsibility.

Linked MCC Medical Expert Objectives