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Class of 2023
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Session Title:
H&N 4&5 (Lab): Larynx, Pharynx and Neck
Teaching Hours:
Teaching and Learning MethodsTotal Scheduled Hours = 2
Laboratory = 2
Teaching and Learning Methods
Laboratory 2 hour(s)

Learning Objectives
Blueprint ID Learning Objectives
6505 identify the major muscles in the neck, their actions and innervation
6506 identify the sympathetic chain in the neck and outline its purpose
6509 explain the anatomical basis of cough and gag reflexes
6515 identify the divisions and muscles of the pharynx, their innervation and function; outline the anatomical basis of swallowing
6524 outline the fascial planes of the head and neck and how infections spread through the fascial spaces
6529 identify the cutaneous nerves of the head and neck; outline the functional tests for their sensory innervation
6533 explain the anatomical basis of the migration of the thyroid gland
6546 Explain and identify the anatomical basis of voice production.
6566 identify the common carotid, external (its branches) and internal carotid arteries by examination of specimens and radiological images
6605 identify the thyroid gland, its location, blood supply and venous drainage; outline its migration
6618 identify the structures visible or palpable on a patient’s head and neck (e.g., hyoid, trachea)
6629 identify as visible on a patient or specimen the palatine and pharyngeal tonsils
7855 outline the location and effects of enlargement of the palatine and pharyngeal tonsils
7861 identify the arteries (and their branches) and veins (and their tributaries) of the head and neck
7864 outline the anatomical basis of the spread of H&N infections and tumors metastasizing to specific lymph nodes (from thyroid, pituitary, tongue, lips, tonsils, parotid)
8231 identify each cranial nerve and their pathways; outline the functional tests for each

Linked Course Goal(s) to Session
Blueprint ID Course Goals
7416 Integrate basic and clinical sciences as they relate to common clinical encounters and patient symptoms
Linked Program Competencies
To This Course Goal:
Linked Program Competencies To Course Goal(s)
me-6 Medical Expert
Apply knowledge of the clinical, socio-behavioural, and fundamental biomedical sciences relevant to a clinical problem.

Linked MCC Medical Expert Objectives
Medical Expert