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Class of 2023
Session Information

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Session Title:
Program Evaluation in Healthcare Settings
Teaching Hours:
Teaching and Learning MethodsTotal Scheduled Hours = 3
Independent Learning = 3
Teaching and Learning Methods
Independent Learning 3 hour(s)

Learning Objectives
Blueprint ID Learning Objectives
8319 Discuss the various approaches to program evaluation (PE), including formative (focusing on program improvement) and summative evaluations (focusing on decisions regarding program adoption, continuation or expansion)
8320 Describe the basic processes involved in initiating, planning, implementing and evaluating a PE
8321 List the strengths and weaknesses of PE designs
8322 Explain the role of PE in facilitating organizational change and improving quality

Linked Course Goal(s) to Session
Blueprint ID Course Goals
7420 Discuss key elements for effective administration of health systems
Linked Program Competencies
To This Course Goal:
ld-2 ld-3
7450 Reflect on the challenges of managing patients in different settings
Linked Program Competencies
To This Course Goal:
ld-2 ld-3
7483 Discuss how a practice responds to common health problems in a community
Linked Program Competencies
To This Course Goal:
ha-1 ha-2 ha-3
9949 Discuss the leadership roles of the physician in relation to strategic planning and program evaluation in health care
Linked Program Competencies
To This Course Goal:
ld-1 ld-2 ld-3
Linked Program Competencies To Course Goal(s)
ld-2 Leader
Apply evidence and management processes to effectively allocate health care resources.
ld-3 Leader
Describe the roles and responsibilities of physicians and governing bodies in the development and support of the health care system.
ha-1 Health Advocate
Identify the important determinants of health, risk factors for illness, interaction between the population and their physical, biological and social environment, and personal attributes.
ha-2 Health Advocate
Identify public policies and trends that affect health locally, nationally, and globally, and barriers to access for populations, including persons with disabilities, the underserved and the marginalized.
ha-3 Health Advocate
Assess and respond to issues in the Canadian health care system and advocate for patients at all levels.
ld-1 Leader
Identify strategies to effectively manage practice and career.

Linked MCC Medical Expert Objectives