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Class of 2023
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Section Title:
5. Cough and Dyspnea
Teaching Hours:
Teaching and Learning MethodsTotal Scheduled Hours = 46.5
Lecture = 39.5
Independent Learning = 1
Tutorial = 4
Case-Based Instruction/Learning = 1
Discussion, Large Group (>12) = 1

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Acute Dyspnea
Acute Hypoxia
Acute Pulmonary Edema, Cardiogenic Shock
Approach to Tuberculosis
Cardio/Renal Diuretics
Cardiovascular - Cardiac Drugs (CHF)
Chest X-ray
Clinical Aspects of Congestive Heart Failure
Clinical Aspects of Lung Cancer
Congestive Heart Failure Tutorial
Cystic Fibrosis
Diagnostic Procedures - Congestive Heart Failure (CHF)
Ear, Nose and Throat Infections (URIs)
Edema Case-based Discussion
Endocarditis and Rheumatic Fever
Heart Murmurs (Peds)
Interstitial Lung Disease
Interstitial Lung Disease, Pathology
Lung Cancer Pathology
Neoplasia 2 and 3
Obstructive Lung Disease
Occupational Health and Safety
Pathophysiology of Congestive Heart Failure
Pediatric Asthma
Pericardial and Myocardial Disease
Physiology of Blood Loss
Respiratory - Autocoids and Asthma
Respiratory Diagnostics
Respiratory Disorders of the Pleura
Respiratory Tract Infections
Smoking Cessation
Valves Pathology
Valvular Heart Disease

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