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Class of 2023
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Section Title:
4. Blood Flow and Oxygenation
Teaching Hours:
Teaching and Learning MethodsTotal Scheduled Hours = 43
Lecture = 30
Tutorial = 1
Laboratory = 9.5
Case-Based Instruction/Learning = 1
Discussion, Small Group (<12) = 1
Simulation = 0.5

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Basic Cardiac Electrophysiology
Cardiovascular Histology
Cardiovascular Response to Exercise
Cardiovascular System Organogenesis
Control of Systemic Blood Flow
Energy Utilization
Integration of Metabolism
Introduction to Anatomy
Lab: Physiology of Spirometry
Lab: Physiology of the Cardiac Cycle
Lung Volumes, Mechanisms of Breathing
Lymphatic System Histology
Phase 2 Orientation
Physiology and Anatomy of the Kidney, Body Fluid, Electrolyte and pH Balance
Physiology of Blood Flow
Physiology of Blood Pressure
Physiology of Control of Ventilation
Physiology of O2 Transport to and CO2 Removal from Tissues
Physiology of the Cardiac Cycle
Physiology of the Smooth Muscle and Cardiac Muscle
Radiology - Imaging of the Body
Renal, Essential Hypertension
Respiratory Histology
Thorax - Radiological Anatomy
Thorax 1 (Lab): Thorax Wall, Pleura, Lungs
Thorax 1: Pleura, Lungs and Trachea
Thorax 2 & 3 (Lab): Heart & Vasculature
Thorax 2: Heart & Mediastinum
Thorax 3: Vasculature
Work-related Health Issues

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