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Class of 2023
Session Information

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Session Title:
Delivering Effective Presentations
Teaching Hours:
Teaching and Learning MethodsTotal Scheduled Hours = 1
Independent Learning = 1
Teaching and Learning Methods
Independent Learning 1 hour(s)

Learning Objectives
Blueprint ID Learning Objectives
7282 Design and create presentations and posters for academic and research projects.
7283 Identify strategies for delivering an effective and quality presentation.

Linked Course Goal(s) to Session
Blueprint ID Course Goals
7039 Deliver an effective presentation or poster on a topic assigned
Linked Program Competencies
To This Course Goal:
cm-3 cm-6
Linked Program Competencies To Course Goal(s)
cm-3 Communicator
Discuss relevant health care information and management plans with patients and their families.
cm-6 Communicator
Discuss effective strategies for communicating with third parties other than health care professionals.

Linked MCC Medical Expert Objectives