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Class of 2023
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Section Title:
Clinical Skills, Communications 1
Teaching Hours:
Teaching and Learning MethodsTotal Scheduled Hours = 42.45
Discussion, Small Group (<12) = 12
Lecture = 8.25
Case-Based Instruction/Learning = 18.7
Discussion, Large Group (>12) = 2.25
Demonstration = 1.25

Clinical Skills
25 Related
Breaking the Ice and Interview Skills
Caring for Patients with Vision and Hearing Impairments [Plenary]
Case Interview: Alex Brown
Case Interview: Eli Lundrigan
Case Interview: Jamie Snow
Case Interview: Mary Johnson
Case Interview: Roger/Regina Casey
Case Interview: Sam McNeil
Case Interview: Terry Furlong
Case: Communication with Adolescents
Case: Communication with Parent of a child
Communication with Children and Adolescents [plenary]
Conversation with a Refugee
Doctor/Patient Relationship [plenary]
Integrating Communication Skills and Medical History taking
Interview Skills
Introduction to Clinical skills: Communications 1
Introduction to Instruments
Patient Centered Clinical Method [plenary]
Patient Visit
Refugee Health [plenary]
Small Cases: John Gulliver, Ira smith, Dawn Hawkins, Susan White
Transgender [plenary]
Video Demonstration of Doctor/Patient Interview

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