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Class of 2023
Section Information

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Section Title:
Physician Wellness and Lifelong Learning 1
Teaching Hours:
Teaching and Learning MethodsTotal Scheduled Hours = 22
Workshop = 4
Lecture = 9
Discussion, Small Group (<12) = 4.5
Discussion, Large Group (>12) = 4.5

Skills Development
14 Related
Educational Technologies
Financial Services: Debt Management
Financial Services: Insurance Planning
Integrated Learning Session 1: Introduction
Integrated Learning Session 2: Host Defence and Immune Mediated Disorders
Integrated Learning Session 3: Infections and Fever
Lifelong Learning in Medicine in the Digital Age
Lifelong Learning in the Digital Age
MedCAREERS: Choosing the Right Career
MedCAREERS: Physician Shadowing
Physician Wellness
Self-directed Learning, Peer Assessment
Social Media