In 2015, the total number of blood components (rbc, platelets, plasma, cryo) transfused in NL was 20,802 units. Of this, 15,068 were red blood cells. Over 8,500 patients were transfused a blood component and/or blood product.

Transfusions occur in a variety of settings; outpatient, emergency room, OR, pediatrics, adult, urban and rural. No matter what the setting, each transfusion is alike in that there are risks and it should not be entered into lightly.

We plan to develop a series of accredited continuing professional development modules for physicians which will provide an overview of blood transfusion, an examination of potential adverse transfusion reactions and immune globulin order and administration. These modules will cover many aspects of the decisions and processes required for a transfusion and methods to avoid unnecessary transfusions. The modules will not be restricted to red cell transfusions but will include other blood components and products as well.

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