Program Modules

A Self Discovery Approach to Leadership

Participants will learn, through self-assessment, about their work style and how it relates to problem solving, conflict resolution, decision making and communicating.

Managing Competing Priorities

Participants will learn techniques on how to shift from one priority to another in the face of dueling pressures of their administrative and clinical roles.

Project and Change Management

Participants will learn the fundamentals of project and change management, and apply them to real projects they are working on to help meet deadlines and minimize conflict.

Strategic Planning

Participants will learn the fundamentals of organizational strategic planning and how these processes can guide health service planning and decision-making.

Organizational Structures

Participants will gain an understanding of the legislative and organizational structures and regulatory processes of the provincial health care system, including governance of regional health authorities.

Patient Safety

Participants will learn about their role in promoting patient safety, reducing medical error and fostering an organizational culture of quality patient care.

Public Relations and Communications

Participants will understand their role as a spokesperson for the health board, learn what to say and not to say to media, and understand the impact of social media in public relations.

Evaluation Methods

Participants will learn about evaluation methods that can be applied to existing programs and services in health care.

Leading vs. Managing

Participants will learn the difference between management and leadership, gain awareness of their own leadership style, and understand its importance in effective teambuilding and working with a multigenerational workforce.

Recruiting and Performance Development

Participants will learn the do's and don'ts of formal HR processes in order to attract, hire, develop, and keep the best talent.