Advanced Physician Management Leadership Program (APMLP) is built on the conceptual foundation provided in the Physician Management Leadership Program (PMLP). It offers advanced leaders a more thorough exploration of several leadership topics. Building on the success of the PMLP, the APMLP will utilize a similar blended-learning delivery approach, with live online/virtual workshops supplemented by self-paced online learning activities. The APMLP modules are co-facilitated by a content expert and a physician to ensure that the learning reflects the provincial health care context.

Prerequisite: Completing the PMLP will be required for admission to the Advanced Physician Management Leadership Program.

The APMLP will provide executive-style leadership coaching to participants throughout the program to support the translation of learning into the provincial health care system.

Successful program participants will receive a Certificate from OPED/Gardiner Centre and be eligible to claim continuing professional development learning credits with the CFPC or RCPSC. In addition, OPED/Gardiner Centre has received approval from the Canadian Society of Physician Leaders (CSPL) for credits toward the Canadian Certificate in Physician Leadership (CCPE). Graduates of PMLP and the Advanced Certificate may be eligible to apply for and receive the CCPE.

Format and Duration

The Advanced Physician Management Leadership Program (APMLP) will be delivered via series of interactive, live online workshops that will provide participants the opportunity to engage with faculty and their peers in a dynamic workshop setting. Each workshop will be facilitated by subject matter experts in the relevant domain in partnership with physician leaders from the province’s health care system.

This format will encourage the exchange of ideas and experiences among participants and instructors from across the province, as well as promote networking with colleagues that can continue long after the program ends. The web conferencing platforms used are equipped with all the tools needed to enhance the virtual learning experience, such as breakout discussion rooms, interactive polling and collaborative whiteboard spaces.

Live online workshops will be delivered over a series of weekends (Friday/Saturday) to minimize disruption to physician schedules.

Self-Paced Online Learning

The Advanced Physician Management Leadership Program (APMLP) will supplement the live online workshops with self-paced online learning activities designed to provide participants with foundational knowledge in preparation for the workshops, and supplementary learning activities post workshop to help synthesize the learning. The online delivery of didactic components helps maximize the time spent on interactive learning activities at the live online workshops. Self-paced learning will be delivered through a dedicated program platform for participants.

Capstone Report & Presentation, Group Leadership Project

As a final activity in APMLP, learners will be asked to synthesize and apply the concepts learned in the program to a real-world problem or project in their work environment. Participants will be organized into small groups at the beginning of the program and asked to select a topic for their group leadership project. Participants will work with their group on the solution to the problem/project and will be required to submit a report and present their findings to a panel comprising healthcare professionals and subject matter experts.  The final report and presentation can include any challenges and success they encountered as well. The panel will be tasked with providing feedback on the presentation. 

Executive Leadership Coaching

To help support the application of leadership skills learned in the program to the workplace, participants will be assigned an internationally certified executive coach who will work with individuals in one-on-one leadership coaching sessions (up to 2 hours in total) based on their individual goals and needs. The coaching will focus on improving performance by helping physicians develop and sustain new perspectives, attitudes, skills and behaviors. Coaching sessions are confidential conversations during which physicians can discuss any issue relating to their work and their roles as leaders, with the goal of helping physicians effectively implement the concepts learned during the program in their personalized work environments.

Executive Leadership Coaching involves:

  • Gathering and giving feedback;
  • Identifying development opportunities;
  • Building awareness;
  • Facilitating solutions by asking powerful questions;
  • Setting goals and creating action plans;
  • Facilitating learning;
  • Supporting and encouraging over the long term;
  • Monitoring progress and holding others accountable.