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Primary Healthcare Research Unit

PRIIME - About Us - Leadership and Network Supports


Like all SPOR PIHCI networks, PRIIME is led by a tripartite leadership with expertise in research, clinical medicine and policy. This structure ensures that the voices of all stakeholder groups are included in the network’s efforts to inform primary care reform in Newfoundland and Labrador. The PRIIME leads are as follows:
  Kris Aubrey-Bassler – Science Lead
  Assistant Professor, Family Medicine, Director of the Primary Healthcare Research Unit

  Kevin Chan – Clinical Lead
  Chair of Pediatrics, Memorial University, Head of Child Health at Eastern Health

  Michael Harvey - Policy Lead
Assistant Deputy Minister (Policy, Planning and Innovation), Department of Health and Community Services

An Oversight Committee consisting of researchers, healthcare professionals, patients and policymakers also assist with network decision-making and guidance. An Operations Committee oversees day-to-day operations. 

Network Support

PRIIME has research support to help its members with any research or PRIIME-related inquiries.
 Nicole Porter – Network Coordinator
 Nicole helps members navigate the network and collaborate with partners locally and nationally. Contact  Nicole  if you have any questions about PRIIME, its funding opportunities or to join our network.


 John Knight – Network Epidemiologist
 John is available to collaborate on research and help others with any data-related questions. 
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