Postgraduate Medical Education at Memorial University of Newfoundland

The Faculty of Medicine at Memorial University of Newfoundland offers 19 postgraduate training programs in the following disciplines:
  • anatomical pathology
  • anesthesia
  • diagnostic radiology
  • family medicine with enhanced skills in
    • care of the elderly 
    • care of under-served populations
    • emergency medicine
  • general surgery
  • internal medicine and subspecialties
    • general internal medicine
    • medical oncology 
    • nephrology
  • neurology
  • obstetrics/gynecology 
  • orthopedic surgery
  • pediatrics
  • psychiatry and subspecialties
    • child and adolescent psychiatry
    • geriatric psychiatry
Further information about our training programs is available under Residency Programs & Directors.

                                                                                                                                                                                                         Photo by John Crowell