The Teaching Effectiveness Program (TEP) is a required program for all residents at Memorial University. Residents are required to complete this program before the end of PGY2, or they will not be promoted. Family Medicine residents fulfill this requirement through a full-day workshop during core content week in PGY2 and do NOT have to complete these modules.

All other residents must complete the four online modules listed here and attend one of the virtual workshops. You will need an OPED account to register for and start the courses, as well as to register for the virtual workshop. Click on “Create Account” above, log in and return to this page to begin.

Note that you can register for one of the virtual workshops immediately, but you must have completed all four modules before attending the virtual workshop. The virtual workshops will be an application of the online module work.

Contact Dr. Jinelle Ramlackhansingh if you have any questions

Onsite Resident Teaching Workshops

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Giving Effective Feedback 2023

Studies have shown that trainees want feedback and that constructive and specific feedback can improve a trainee’s performance. Despite its clear importance, effective feedback giving is not always formally taught. This module was designed for anyone who might be required to provide feedback to trainees in the medical environment.

Clinical Teaching 2023

It is estimated that about 50% of teaching and learning activities during the undergraduate clinical years take place in the context of clinical teaching. Precepting in the context of clinical teaching is described as a dyadic educational interaction between the learner and the preceptor The preceptor’s role is to guide and train the learner in a way that gradually promotes the development of the beginners. This module examines the clinical teaching context and several strategies for effective clinical teaching.

Small Group Teaching 2023

Many effective small group sessions involve a facilitator who helps manage the process of learning by facilitating discussion and supporting the students as they work through learning activities and tasks; tasks that have been designed to encourage the students to think for themselves, share their ideas with each other and help them to develop a set of academic and communication skills. This module is primarily intended for faculty who oversee training of small group facilitators for medical school courses.

Presentations – Design and Delivery 2023

Clearly and effectively presenting information is a key skill set to get your message or opinion across. Many residents have extensive experience in delivering presentations at conferences, during grand rounds, or to trainees. Nevertheless, for many people - medical professionals included - having to deliver a presentation is still something they dread rather than relish. This module will provide you with an approach you can use to enhancing your presentation chops.