Dr. Wallace Ingram Award for Medical Education

Background Information

This award was established by the Medical Graduates' Society to honour Dr. Wallace Ingram, professor emeritus, Internal Medicine, for his outstanding contributions to medical education throughout his career. The monetary award will be presented annually by the Office of Professional and Educational Development (OPED), Faculty of Medicine to faculty, students, residents or staff members who have demonstrated innovation and scholarship in medical education. One or more recipients will be selected based on oral and poster presentations and may be recognized at educational forums and reunions. The award will be made by the Dean, Faculty of Medicine, upon the recommendation of the Associate Dean of Educational Development.

  1. Be a Faculty of Medicine faculty member(s), student(s), resident(s) or staff member(s)
  2. Applicant and/or co-applicants must have an accepted peer-reviewed abstract to present an oral, poster or workshop presentation at a conference/meeting
  3. Proof of Abstract acceptance via email and/or letter of acceptance Conference/Meeting organizer in the last two years (Jan 2021 to Dec 2022). The medical education research should be presented Jan 2021 to Dec 2022.
  4. Focus of Abstract and presentation must be medical education innovation, scholarship and/or research
  5. Submit abstract and a 5 minute recorded presentation summarizing the work completed in medical education, innovation, scholarship and/or research topic covered in Abstract
  6. Submit a copy of poster/presentation slides
  7. Award will be divided between Applicant and any co-applicants (if applicable).
  8. Complete this application form
  9. Submit all documents via the application portal.