Refugee Health Symposium: The Realities, Rights and Rewards of Refugee Health in NL

Saturday, March 30, 2019

Topics and Speakers

Registration and Continental Breakfast
Welcome and Opening Remarks
Presenters: Dr. Margaret Steele MD, FRCPC, M.Ed, DFCPA, CCPE Dr. Francoise Guigne MA, MD, CCFP
Settlement Services of the ANC
Presenter: Ms. Jennifer Bessell
Keynote Address: The Best of Both Worlds Maintaining the Health of Newly Arrived Refugees
Presenter: Dr. Meb Rashid MD
Nutrition/Networking break
Female Refugee Panel
Keynote Address: Building Newcomer Futures in Newfoundland and Labrador: Social, Economic, and Cultural Factors in Refugee Resettlement
Presenter: Hon. Hon. Minister Bernard Davis
Refugee Health Clinic Overview /Gateway Overview
Presenters: Dr. Petra Joller BSc, MD, CCFP, COE Dr. Christine Aubrey-Bassler MD, CCFP
Interim Federal Health Program: Understanding its Scope and Utilization
Presenters: Mr. Fred Chaytor Bsc Dr. Christine Aubrey-Bassler MD, CCFP
Nutrition/Networking break
Infectious Diseases
Presenters: Dr. Joanna Joyce MD FRCPC DTM&H Dr. Cheryl Foo MD, FRCPC
Eye Care for New Canadians
Presenter: Dr. Lisa Hounsell
Dental Care for New Canadians
Presenter: Dr. Patrick Snow
Care of Children New to Canada
Presenter: Dr. Jennifer O'Dea MD, FRCP(C)
Panel Discussion Q & A
Closing Remarks

Planning Committee

Mrs. Barbara Albrechtsons
Dr. Jill Allison
Ms. Libby Angel
Dr. Christine Aubrey-Bassler
Dr. Russell Dawe
Dr. Pauline Duke
Dr. Cheryl Foo
Dr. Francoise Guigne
Dr. Petra Joller
Dr. Pamela Snow
Dr. Melanie van Soeren

Accreditation Review

Dr. Heather Flynn

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