Ovarian Cancer Exposed Symposium 2018

Saturday, September 15, 2018

Topics and Speakers

Opening Remarks
Presenter: Ms. Hope Jamieson
Talking to Your Doctor – Signs & Symptoms of Ovarian Cancer
Presenters: Dr. Elias Bartellas MD, FRCSC Ms. Lynda Morgan
Sharing our Experiences
Presenters: Mrs. Bonnie Morgan Ms. Susan Glynn Mrs. Maureen Fahey
What is Ovarian Cancer?
Presenter: Dr. Patti Power MD, FRCSC
Cutting Edge OPtions: Hyperthermique Intraperitoneal Chemotherapy at the Time of Surgery
Presenter: Dr. Joannie Neveu MD, FRCSC
Nutrition Break
Genetics and Ovarian Cancer
Presenter: Ms. Andree MacMillan MS, CCGC, CGC
Advances in Research and Hope for the Future
Presenter: Dr. Lesa Marie Dawson MD, FRCSC
Newfoundland and Labrador-focused Research
Presenter: Ms. Kerri Smith MSc
OCRE Fund/Belles with Balls NL / Introduction of the Team
Presenter: Mrs. Alana Walsh-Giovannini
Healthy Eating
Presenter: Ms. Adrianna Smallwood BSc, BSN, RD
Mindful Stress Management
Presenter: Ms. Florence Strang B.A., B.Ed., M.Ed
Evaluation, Thank You to Presenters and Attendees, and Closing Remarks

Planning Committee

Ms. Margie Coombes
Dr. Lesa Marie Dawson
Ms. Bonnie Fox
Ms. Paula Giovaninni
Ms. Pamela Hoddinott
Ms. Kit Howley
Ms. Kaitlyn Jarvis
Ms. Barbi King
Mrs. Bonnie Morgan
Ms. Lynda Morgan
Ms. Michele Peach
Ms. Janice Ryan
Mrs. Alana Walsh-Giovannini

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