Women's and Children's Health Day 2018

Saturday, November 24, 2018

Topics and Speakers

Registration & Continental Breakfast
Welcome & Opening Remarks
Jaundice in the Newborn
Presenter: Dr. Maeve Kelly M.B., B.Ch., BAO Dublin, FRCPC
Presenter: Dr. Robert Deane M.B., Ch.B.,FRCS(Glas), FRCS (S.A.), FRCSC
Childhood Developmental Dilemmas
Presenter: Dr. Lana Soper MD, FRCPC
Nutrition Break
An Approach to Acute Pediatric Head Trauma/Concussion
Presenter: Dr. Archna Shah MBChB, FRCPC (PEM)
Adolescent Contraception
Presenter: Dr. Deanna Murphy BSc, MD, FRCSC
Plagiocephaly and Fontanelles
Presenter: Dr. Denise Hickey M.D., FRCPC
Obstetrical Infectious Disease Short Snappers
Presenter: Dr. Tina Delaney MD, FRCSC
Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCSO)
Presenter: Dr. Sean Murphy B.Sc., B.Med.Sc., M.D.,FRCPC
An approach to Pelvic Pain
Presenter: Dr. Krisztina Bajzak MD, FRCSC, FACOG, MS
Closing Remarks

Planning Committee

Dr. Krista Brown
Dr. Robert Kennedy
Dr. Jennifer O'Dea
Dr. Amanda Pendergast
Dr. Pushpa Sathya

Accreditation Review

Dr. Pamela Snow

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