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TANL 2018 Conference: Thrombosis in Every Day Clinical Practice

Location: Faculty of Medicine & Web-conferencing, St. John's

Date: 22 September 2018



TANL Conference 2018 is a half day continuing professional development (CPD) event focusing on issues pertaining to thrombosis and anticoagulation management in Newfoundland & Labrador.

The Keynote speaker is Dr. Marc Carrier, an Associate Professor in the Faculty of Medicine, University of Ottawa, and a scientist in the clinical epidemiology program of the Ottawa Hospital Research Institute. Dr. Carrier holds a Tier 2 Research Chair in Venous Thromboembolism and Cancer from the University of Ottawa and a New Investigator Award from the Heart and Stroke Foundation of Canada. He is a recognized leader in the field of cancer associated thrombosis.

This CPD accredited event is available to attend in person or via webinar. Early Bird Registration closes on July 31, 2018.

OVERALL TANL Conference Learning Objectives:

  • Answer multiple practical every day thrombosis questions faced in clinical practice*
  • Select an appropriate new/direct oral anticoagulant for a patient
  • Describe the updated management of cancer associated thrombosis in clinical practice
  • Determine appropriate antiplatelet therapy in patients with coronary artery disease and peripheral arterial disease
  • Demonstrate the pharmacist’s role in providing an outpatient thrombosis service

*Interactive session: Rapid-Fire Questions are everyday questions that may not usually be addressed in a full talk but affect daily clinical practice. 1-3 slides per question, and the audience will choose questions they are most interested in during the talk. Examples: From a venous thromboembolism perspective, is my patient safe to fly? How do I advise on alcohol and anticoagulation?

Learning Objectives

At the end of this program, participants will be able to:

  • Review the risk and benefits of Dual and Triple Therapy
  • Identify the right Direct Oral Anti-coagulant (DOAC) for the right patient
  • Discuss the collaborative practice of clinical pharmacists in the Eastern Health Adult Outpatient Thrombosis Service
  • Illustrate the practice of pharmacists in this setting using cased based examples
  • Employ evidence-based practical every day clinical decisions regarding prevention and treatment of venous thromboembolism and/or atrial fibrillation
  • Employ evidence-based practical every day clinical decisions regarding management of the complications of venous thromboembolism
  • Provide an overview of treatment of coronary artery disease and non-valvular atrial fibrillation
  • Assess the role of the direct oral anticoagulants and antiplatelet therapy in stable CV disease
  • Discuss the role of New/Direct Oral Anti-coagulants for treatment and prevention of cancer associated thrombosis
  • Identify screening for cancer in patients with VTE
  • Describe the management of Incidental PE in cancer patients
  • Describe the indications for reduced dose Direct Oral Anti-coagulant (DOAC) Therapy for VTE and Afib
  • Discuss an update on reversal of the DOACs
  • Explain the effect of body weight on DOAC Therapy

Program Agenda

Saturday, September 22, 2018
7:30 AM
Registration, Continental Breakfast, & Networking
8:00 AM
Presenter: Dr. Rufaro Chitsike
8:05 AM
Antiplatelet and Anticoagulant Therapy for Acute Coronary Syndrome and Stable Cardiovascular Disease
Presenter: Dr. Mohammad Almutawa
8:50 AM
An Update in Cancer Associated Thrombosis
Presenter: Dr. Marc Carrier
9:50 AM
Nutrition Break & Networking
10:30 AM
An Update on the New (Directed) Oral Anticoagulants
Presenter: Dr. Marc Carrier
11:30 AM
Practicing at Full Scope and Creating a Novel Footprint: Pharmacist Practice in the Eastern Health Outpatient Thrombosis Service
Presenter: Dr. Kristi Parmiter
11:55 AM
Rapid Fire Questions in Thrombosis & Anticoagulation (audience chosen questions) and Open Questions
Presenter: Dr. Rufaro Chitsike
Presenter: Dr. Stephanie Young
Presenter: Dr. Jacqueline Costello
Presenter: Dr. Marc Carrier
12:55 PM
Closing & Departure
Presenter: Dr. Stephanie Young

Planning Committee

  • Rufaro Chitsike, MD, MMed Haem, FCPath(Haem), Cert Clin(Haem)

    Hematologist, Eastern Health
    Assistant Professor, Medicine
    Faculty of Medicine, MUN

  • Percy Crocker, MD, CCFP, FCFP

    General Practice
    Eleven Elizabeth Family Practice, St. John's

  • Anusree Subramonian, MBBS, MSc (c) Clinical Epidemiology

    Research Assistant (Hematology)
    Faculty of Medicine, MUN

  • Cindy Whitton, MEd, BBA, AIT

    Operations Manager
    Professional Development and Conferencing Services
    Faculty of Medicine, Memorial University, St. John's, NL

  • Stephanie Young, BSc (Pharm), ACPR, Pharm.D., MSc(Med)

    Associate Professor
    School of Pharmacy, MUN


  • Mohammad Almutawa, MD, FRCPC

    Interventional Cardiologist
    Division of Cardiology
    Eastern Health 

  • Marc Carrier, MD, MSc, FRCPC
    Professor, Faculty of Medicine, University of Ottawa
    Senior Scientist, Clinical Epidemiology Program, Ottawa Hospital Research Institute
    Vice Chair of Research, Department of Medicine
    Program Director, Thrombosis Fellowship

  • Rufaro Chitsike, MD, MMed Haem, FCPath(Haem), Cert Clin(Haem)

    Hematologist, Eastern Health
    Assistant Professor, Medicine
    Faculty of Medicine, MUN

  • Jacqueline Costello, MD, FRCPC

    Hematologist, Eastern Health
    Clinical Assistant Professor, Medicine
    Faculty of Medicine, MUN

  • Kristi Parmiter, BScPharm, PharmD
    Clinical Assistant Professor
    School of Pharmacy, MUN

  • Stephanie Young, BSc (Pharm), ACPR, Pharm.D., MSc(Med)

    Associate Professor
    School of Pharmacy, MUN

Accreditation Review

  • RCPSC Review - Jennifer R. Leonard, MD, FRCPC

    Associate Professor of Medicine (Gastroenterology)
    Faculty of Medicine, MUN

  • CFPC Review - Pamela Snow, MD, CCFP, FCFP
    Associate Professor of Family Medicine
    Director, Academic Development - Family Physicians
    Office of Professional Development
    Faculty of Medicine, MUN


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Funds in support of this CME activity were provided as an educational grant to Memorial University. The funds were independently allocated and disbursed in accordance with current CMA guidelines. An educational grant to help support this program provided by:

Roche Diagnostics

The Office of Professional Development (OPD), Faculty of Medicine, Memorial University, is fully accredited by the Committee on Accreditation of Continuing Medical Education (CACME), a subcommittee of the Committee on Accreditation of Canadian Medical Schools (CACMS). This standard allows OPD to assign credits for educational activities based on the criteria established by The College of Family Physicians of Canada, and the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada.