The Office of Professional Development (OPD) is committed to providing leadership in education for physicians, other health care providers and the community to assist them in providing excellence in health care. Continuing Professional Development (CPD) combines service provision within a framework of academic and scholarly work.

OPD is also involved in several research and development initiatives that will broaden our service offerings, and enable us to continue to support our audience in their educational needs. These include:

  • distributed medical education;
  • needs assessments;
  • family practice skills enhancement;
  • faculty development for International Medical Graduates (IMG)/Family Practice (FP) preceptors;
  • IMG assessment tools;
  • and improving patient health care and reduction of wait times of patients.

These initiatives are being realized with provincial and federal governments, health care organizations and pharmaceutical companies.

Assessment & Retraining

This program was established in 2004 to formalize and expand some of the assessment programs that were being run on an ad hoc basis under the auspices of what is now OPD. The program is administered by a part-time director and a part-time administrative assistant from the OPD office. 

The director chairs the Academic Advisory Committee (AAC) which oversees the Assessment and Retraining program. This committee meets face-to-face regulary to develop policies concerning the various programs, determine educational content of a program, review candidate evaluations, and address any case requiring an educational program that may not adhere to traditionally established training pathways. The director is also a member of the PD Council and participates in research studies involving the assessment and retraining of physicians and in particular International Medical Graduates. 

Most of the activities of Assessment and Retraining program fall into one of the following areas:

  • International Medical Graduates Assessment program
  • Clinical Traineeship program
There is also a third area called Academic Consultations. This is not a formalized program, but operates on an as-needed basis to provide some flexibility in creating an educational program for a physician to address a particular need. This service has been used by the CPSNL, Regional Health Authorities and specific medical disciplines in the Eastern Health Authority to develop limited assessment programs for physicians. 

International Medical Graduate Assessment Program

This six-month program was created to assess a limited number of IMG’s who are formally sponsored be a provincial health authority. The purpose of the program is to assess the candidate to determine whether he/she has the knowledge and clinical skills expected of a student graduating from a Canadian medical school. Upon successful completion of the assessment program, and approval by the CPSNL for the educational registry, the candidate may apply for a post-graduate position with the Canadian Residency Matching Service (CaRMS). Completion of the assessment program does not guarantee a post-graduate position. 

The program content is determined by the AAC and consists of six one-month rotations in a variety of areas of medicine. These rotations may be hospital-based or in a private clinic and may be anywhere in the province. 

During the assessment program, the candidate functions at the level of a clinical clerk with respect to patient care. The candidate is evaluated with regular evaluation reports and written and oral examinations. 

Please complete the attached application for the International Medical Graduates Assessment Program and fax with your current CV, references, and letter of sponsorship to our office at 709-864-3358

International Medical Graduates Assessment Program 

Clinical Traineeship Program

This program provides an opportunity for a provincially-licensed physician to obtain CPD in a particular area of medicine. It is physician-driven, based on the individual’s own need’s assessment and is intended to complement any formalized CPD program. The length of the program can be anywhere from one week to a few months. While not providing a designation of expertise, this program offers exposure to almost any medical specialty and is available to family physicians and specialists.