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Teaching Support

Teaching Support Contacts
Classroom technology HSIMS 864-6000 or 864-6017
Teaching schedule, lecture times and locations UGME ugme.phasesched@med.mun.ca 864 6305
Research Curriculum UGME ugme.curriculum@med.mun.ca 864 6276
Teaching assignments, changes to lecture formats
and curriculum planning
UGME ugme.managercurric@med.mun.ca 864 6308
Education Specialist Assessment MESC ddeacon@mun.ca 864 6351
Education Specialist Program Evaluation MESC pesc.evaluations@med.mun.ca 864 6335
Teaching and Learning development, teaching dossier
and liaison for ILS facilitators
MESC Stephen.Shorlin@med.mun.ca 864 6270
Clinical Skills administrative support CLSC clinicalskills@med.mun.ca 864 6309
Health Education Technology and orientation for 
classroom technology in Medical Education Centre
HSIMS david.stokes@med.mun.ca 864-4962

For Clerkship/Phase 4 and phase management contacts refer to the UGME Contact List.
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