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MedCAREERS Overview


The Faculty of Medicine at Memorial University of Newfoundland (MUN) has adopted MUN MedCAREERS as the formal career-advising programme. There are 4 phases to this model that roughly correspond to the 4 years of medical school.  The first 2 phases incorporate activities/events that occur mainly in the Pre-Clinical years.  The last 2 phases provide resources primarily for students in the Clinical years.
The MedCAREERS Menu on the left reveals:
   - an 'Orientation PowerPoint'
   - a 'Curriculum' page
   - an 'Electives' page
   - the 4 Phases
The 'Orientation PowerPoint' is an introduction to MedCAREERS and is updated each year.  It will help you navigate through the website.

The 'Curriculum' page gives an overview of the opportunities and resources available through the MedCAREERS programme.

The 'Electives' page provides a list of physicians who may be contacted for information about electives and their specialty.  

Clicking on each Phase will reveal a dropdown list of the contents in each.  These Phases roughly correspond to the 4 phases of your academic curriculum.

There are three other pages for reference:
      1.  The 'Career Advisory Groupcontains minutes of meetings about the programme.
      2.  The 'Rural Placements' page is a link to the rural visits in the academic curriculum.
      3.  The 'Links' page provides links to various organizations related to medical studies.

Plus, there is a 'Feedback' page that can be used to send an email to the Director of MedCAREERS about any suggestions you may have for improvements.

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