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The following tables detail the students who are currently enrolled in the thesis-based MSc, MHE and PhD graduate programs in the Division and those who have recently graduated from these programs

Current M.Sc. (Med) (Community Health) Students

Student's Name Thesis Supervisor Thesis Topic
Fawaz Almanea Dr. Gadag Quantitative Occupational Risk Assessment in the Clinical Radiological Labs
Ashley Hong Dr. Brunger Women's Narratives from the St. John's Native Friendship Centre: Using Digital Storytelling to Inform Community-based Healing and Violence Prevention
Sadia Hyder Drs. Maddalena & Mulay Career Trajectories of IMG who are unable to Practice in Canada
Qianqian Li Dr. Wang Examining Factors Associated with Weight Control Among Overweight and Obese Individuals in NL
Zhuoru Li Dr. Yanqing Latent Class Growth Modeling of Mental Health
Emily Norton Dr. Traverso-Yepez Exploration of Potential Social Interventions to Guarantee a Quality Start in Life
Christopher Olsen Dr. Brunger Rufugee Blues: A Critical Examination of the Federal Interim Health Program
Nabila Qureshi Drs. Sarkar & Mulay The Challenges Faced by Young Refugees in their Settlement Process in NL
Abdullah Saif Dr. Traverso-Yepez

Accessing child healthcare and social supports: Experiences of international graduate student parents in NL.

Mohammad  Shakil   Dr. Brunger Diversity of Cultural Beliefs and Values:  Challenges for the Health Care System in Canada. 
Christine Shearer Drs. Schiff & Brunger How Traditional Aboriginal Health Methods Can Increase Positive Health Outcomes in Aboriginal Communities
Lian Shi Dr. Wang Obesity, Physical Inactivity and Colorectal Cancer Risk - A Population-based Case Control Study in NL
Anh Thu Vo Dr. Yanqing Yi Wait times in Joint Replacement.

Current M.Sc. (Med) (Applied Health Services) Students (ARTC)
Student's Name Thesis Supervisor Thesis Topic
Serge Beaulieu Dr. Audas Optimizing Performance Reporting: A Case Study at Eastern Health
Heather Conway Dr. Audas Health Services and Utilization Patterns of Children and Youth with Mental Health Conditions in NL
Courtney Abbott Dr. Yanqing Yi Long Term Food Insecurity and Obesity in Newfoundland and Labrador
Aly Inman Dr. Gustafson A Fight for Health: One Transgender Islander’s Journey through Prince Edward Island’s Health Care System
Greg Oliver Dr. Audas Access and Barriers to Services for Youth with Anxiety and Depression
Lauren Rickert Drs. Audas & Hodkinson Impact of Sudden Cardiovascular death from ARVC
Tanisha Wright-Brown Dr. Audas Understanding SES Differences in Health Utilization Patterns of Children and Youth with Neuro-Developmental, Intellectual or Mental Health Disabilities
Julie Carberry Dr. Maddalena Mental Health Effect of Canine Animal Assisted Therapy in Newfoundland
Shauna Wells Dr. Audas The Socio-Economic Impact of Children's Mental Health Conditions on Families in Atlantic Canada
Patrick Murphy Dr. Chafe The Effects of Wait Times on Families with a Recent Diagnosis of Autism in their Child
Ashley Farrell Dr. Mulay Anxiety in Expecting Mothers

Current Master of Health Ethics Students (Thesis-based Route only)

Student's Name Thesis Supervisor Thesis Topic
Ramseyer Apau Bediaka Dr. Kaposy Knowledge and Practice of Health Ethics Among Psychiatric Nurses in Ghana 
Timothy Brennan Dr. Flynn Patient Autonomy and Adults with Dissociative Identity Disorder: Who has the Right to Decide?
Kathryn Bonner Dr. Kaposy Ethics of aging and end of life care, emphasis upon capacity/consent.
Julia Borges Dr. Pullman Exploration of Current Topics in Health Ethics

Rachel Hewitt

Dr. Fern Brunger

Assistive Care Robots and Older Adults: Employing a Care Ethics Lens

Jessica Mullin Dr. Kaposy Removing Birth from the Hospital: An Analysis of the Hospital Maternity Ward as Space and Power
Kevin Vianna Dr. Flynn The Impermissibility of Pre-implanation Genetic Disgnosis in Regards to Intersex Conditions

Sophie Wells

Dr. Jennifer Flynn

Respect for Autonomy and Conscientious Refusals of MAiD (Medical Assistance in Dying)

Current Ph.D. Students

Student's Name

Thesis Supervisor

Thesis Topic

Kazeem Adefemi

Dr. Peter Wang

Implications of population ageing and disability in rural Canada for primary health care policy and plan

Laura Aguirre Polo

Drs. Shea & Traverso

Promoting the Emotional Well-Being of Indigenous Mothers

Nicole Babichuk Drs. Sarkar & Mulay A Study of the Environmental and Health Impacts of Rare Earth Mining Activities in NL
Richard Buote Drs. Valcour & Mathews Factors associated with diabetes-related complications among NL residents with diabetes mellitus
Lisa Blundell Drs. Mathews & Valcour Dietetic counselling and quality of care for people living with an ostomy
Vashti Campbell Drs. Shea & Wilson Social Construction of Diagnosis in Psychiatry & its Implications for Treatment of Disadvantaged Populations
Emily Doyle Dr. Traverso The Impact of NL School Gardens on Food Security and Health
Kimberly Dreaddy Drs. Brunger & Adams Harm Reduction as an Essential Component of a Strategy for Managing Infective Endocarditis Associated with Intravenous Drug Use 
Heather Foley Dr. Audas Portrait of Chronic Pain in NL
Holly Foley Drs. Beausoleil & Cameron Exploring women's embodied experiences and meaning of body ideal, health and self-care practices: a moving experience
Laura Gilbert Dr. Wang Efficacy and the Triage in HPV Screening
Biplad Halder Dr. Flynn Relational Autonomy and Preimplantation Genetic Diagnosis
Beth Halfyard Dr. Wang Examination of Cervical Cancer Epidemiology, Prevention & Control in NL
Mohammad Hossain   
Dr. James Valcour   Spatial and temporal analysis of lung cancer in Newfoundland and Labrador
Nicole Lewis-Power Dr. Traverso Parental Experiences of Kangeroo Care in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit
Pablo Navarro Dr. Maddalena Intra/Extra Sectorial Efforts by the Health System to Create Equitable Healthy Built Environments in NL
Kelli O'Brien Dr. Audas Evaluation of the Quality of Restorative Care asa Transitional Care Intervention for Older Adults
Arifur Rahman    Dr. Atanu Sarkar  
Effect of cancer due to environmental factors on healthcare service utilization in NL
Peggy Rauman Dr. Traverso Horizontal Violence in the Nursing Profession
Jinelle Ramlackhansingh Dr. Brunger The Professional Identity Development of Pre-Clerkship Medical Students at Memorial University: A Case Study 

Andrew Reid

Dr. Audas Interprofessional learning and collaborative competency development in practice settings
Abdullah Saif Dr. Beausoleil
Arts Activities for Older Adults Living with Type 2 Diabetes: Exploring the Role of the Arts on the Perception of Healthy Aging
Niraja R. Shukla   

Dr. Rick Audas

Understanding applications of technology in rural family medicine clinics to improve their capacity for patent care
Aleksandra Stefanovic-Chafe Dr. Audas Comparing & evaluating supported employment programs for individuals with mental health disabilities
Amit Sundly Dr. Traverso-Yepez Investigating ways to improve the intergenerational health of children with adverse childhood experiences: A socio-ecological approach to resilience.
Ahmad Wassif Drs. Mulay Social Determinants of Demand for Maternal and Child Health Care Services in Afghanistan
Valerie Webber Dr. Brunger Public Privates: Measure B, Pornographic Sex, and the Ethics of Public Health
Jennifer Woodrow Dr. Wang The Aging Population and its Health Impact on NL: Long-term Projections and Statistical Simulations for Selected Chronic Health Conditions and Disability


For a listing of students who have graduated from our thesis-based graduate programs since 2004, please click here.