Division of Community Health and Humanities


Core Faculty

A glimpse through the curricula vitae of the Divisional core faculty reveals an assortment of experts from a variety of fields, including human resources in health, infectious diseases, gender and health, ethics, biostatistics, health policy, epidemiology, zoonotic diseases, and nutrition.  This multidisciplinary makeup of the group allows them to work together to address a broad spectrum of research issues and to design a wide and relevant scope of research projects.

A summary of our Core Faculty Research Interests is provided.

Wilson, Brenda - MBChB MSc MRCP(UK) FFPH
Professor & Associate Dean, Community Health and Humanities
Audas, Rick - BBA (New Brunswick), MBA, MA (Dalhousie), PhD (Wales)
Professor Health Statistics & Economics
Beausoleil, Natalie - BA (Laval), MA, PhD (UCLA)
Professor of Social Science and Health
Brunger, Fern - BA (Hons) (University of Winnipeg), MA (McGill), PhD (McGill)
Professor of Health Care Ethics
De Carvalho, Diana - DC, MSc., PhD
Assistant Professor of Clinical Epidemiology
Etchegary, Holly - PhD
Assistant Professor of Clinical Epidemiology
Flynn, Jennifer - BAH (Queen's), MA (Queen's), Ph.D. (Virginia)
Associate Professor of Bioethics
Gadag, Veeresh - BSc (Karnatak), MPhil, PhD (Poona)
Professor of Biostatistics
Gao, Zhiwei - Ph.D., M.Sc., M.D., Tianjin Medical University (Tianjin, China)
Associate Professor of Clinical Epidemiology
Gustafson, Diana L - BA (McMaster), MEd (Brock), PhD (Toronto)
Professor of Social Science and Health
Richard Marceau Fogo Island Fellow 2018
Hodgkinson, Kathleen - Ph.D. (Memorial)
Associate Professor of Clinical Epidemiology
Kaposy, Chris - BA (McMaster), MA (Concordia), PhD (State University of NY)
Associate Professor of Bioethics
Director, Master of Health Ethics program
Maddalena, Victor - BN, MHSA, PhD (Dalhousie)
Associate Professor in Health Policy and Health Service Delivery
Midodzi, William - Postdoc., Ph.D., MSc. (U of Alberta, CA), BSc (KNUST, Ghana)
Associate Professor of Clinical Epidemiology
Mugford, Gerry - CMH, B.Sc., Ph.D.
Associate Professor of Clinical Epidemiology
Mulay, Shree - BSc (Delhi), MSc (McGill), PhD (McGill), Post-doctoral Fellow (McGill)
Professor, Community Health and Humanities
Najafizada, Maisam - MA, PhD (University of Ottawa), MD (Balkh University, Afghanistan)
Assistant Professor of Public & Population Health
Ogunyemi, Boluwaji - BSc (Western), MD (Memorial), FRCPC, DABD
Assistant Dean, Social Accountability
Clinical Assistant Professor of Medicine (Dermatology)
Power, Sarah - B.Eng., Memorial University of Newfoundland MaSc., University of Toronto Ph.D., University of Toronto
Assistant Professor, Ph.D., P.Eng.
Pullman, Daryl - M.A., Ph.D. Waterloo, B.Ed. Western
Professor of Medical Ethics
Sarkar, Atanu - MBBS (Burdwan, India), MCH & PhD (JNU, New Delhi, India), MES (Queen’s University, Canada)
Associate Professor of Environmental and Occupational Health
Shan, Desai - Post-doctoral Fellow (Dalhousie, uOttawa), PhD (Cardiff), LLB (Dalian Maritime University, Nottingham)
Assistant Professor of Occupational Health Safety
Shea, Jennifer M. - BA(Hons) MA (Memorial), PhD (University of Saskatchewan)
Assistant Professor of Aboriginal Health
Traverso-Yepez, Martha - PhD (Universidad Complutense, Madrid)
Associate Professor of Health Promotion
Twells, Laurie - B.A. Memorial, M.Sc. London, Ph.D. Memorial
Professor of Medicine
Valcour, James - BSc, MSc, PhD (Guelph)
Associate Professor of Epidemiology
Wang, Peizhong Peter - MD, MPH (Tianjin Medical University), PhD (Toronto)
Professor of Epidemiology
Yi, Yanqing - MSc (China), MSc & PhD (Manitoba)
Associate Professor of Biostatistics
Zendel, Benjamin - BA (Calgary), MA, PhD (Toronto)
Assistant Professor in Aging and Auditory Neuroscience
Canada Research Chair in Aging and Auditory Neuroscience

Per Course and Teaching Term

Grynszpan, Delphine
Teaching Term Instructor
Email: dgrynszpan@mun.ca
Whalen, Cynthia
Per Course Instructor
Email: n27cmc@mun.ca


Asghari, Shabnam  MD (Arak, Iran), MPH, PhD (Tehran, Iran)
Discipline of Family Medicine
Email: Shabnam.Asghari@med.mun.ca

Aubrey-Bassler, Kris MSc, MD (Ottawa) CCFP(EM) (McMaster)
Assistant Professor of Family Medicine
Director, Centre for Rural Health Studies
Email:  kaubrey@mun.ca

Chafe, Roger PhD, MA (Memorial)
Janeway Pediatric Research Unit
Email:  Roger.chafe@med.mun.ca

Cullen, Kim
Assistant Professor, Human Kinetics
Email:  kcullen@mun.ca

Cunsolo, Ashlee  PhD, Rural Studies (University of Guelph)
Director, Labrador Institute of Memorial University
Email: ashlee.cunsolo@mun.ca  

Fuller, Daniel  PhD, Public Health (Université de Montréal)
Assistant Professor and CRC in Population Physical Activity
School of Human Kinetics and Recreation, Memorial University
Email:  dfuller@mun.ca

Gosine, Jane
Professor, School of Music
Email:  jgosine@mun.ca

Iqbal, Sahar MD, MSc (Memorial University) FRCPC (Royal College of Physicians of Canada) FACP
Department of Internal Medicine
Email:  sjiqbal@mun.ca 

Lukewich, Julia PhD in Nursing, (Queen’s University, Kingston, ON)
Assistant Professor, School of Nursing
Email:  jlukewich@mun.ca

Tenkorang, Eric PhD, MA (University of Western Ontario)
Associate Professor of Sociology
Email: eytenkorang@mun.ca

Adjunct Professors

Bull, Julie
Email:  julierbull@gmail.com

Cameron, Erin PhD
Adjunct Professor, Human Sciences
Northern Ontario School of Medicine
Email: ercameron@nosm.ca
Website: http://www.nosm.ca

Howarth, Samuel
Email: SHowarth@cmcc.ca

Knight, John BSc(Hons), MSc, PhD (Memorial)
Adjunct Professor
[NL Centre for Health Information]
Email: John.Knight@med.mun.ca 

Mathews, Maria
Email:  maria.mathews@schulich.uwo.ca

Pollock, Nathaniel
Email:  Nathaniel.Pollock@med.mun.ca

Sitter, Kathleen PhD MSw (University of Calgary)
Adjunct Professor
Assistant Professor, School of Social Work, University of Calgary
Email:  kcsitter@ucalgary.ca

Ward, Pamela BN, MEd, PhD (Memorial)
Adjunct Professor
[Centre for Nursing Studies]
Email: pamela.ward@mun.ca

Clinical Faculty

Allison, Jill BA (University of Regina); MA; PhD (Memorial)
Clinical Assistant Professor
[Program Co-ordinator - Global Health Office]
Email: Jill.allison@med.mun.ca

Barrowman, Barbara BSc (Queen's) LLB (Toronto), MD (Memorial)
Clinical Assistant Professor of Health Law
Dept. of Justice, Govt. of NL

Doyle, Mike PhD (Memorial)
Clinical Assistant Professor
[Dept. of Health & Community Services, Govt. of NL]
Email: Mike.Doyle@easternhealth.ca
Eliott, Pam BN, MBA, PhD (Memorial)
Clinical Assistant Professor

Grynszpan, Delphine
Clinical Assistant Professor
Email: dgrynszpan@mun.ca

O'Shea, Fiona MB, BCh, BAO, LRCP & SP, NUL (Royal College of Surgeons, Dublin, Ireland)
Clinical Assistant Professor

Ratnam, Sam MSc (Madras), PhD (Delhi)
Clinical Professor
Discipline of Laboratory Medicine 

Reid, Sandra Master of Bioethics and Health Law Degree
Professional Associate
[Ethics Director, Health Research Ethics Authority (HREA)]
Email: sandra.reid@hrea.ca

Sturge Sparkes, Carolyn BEd, MEd, (Memorial), BMus (Mount Allison), PhD (McGill)
Clinical Assistant Professor
[Program Coordinator: Aboriginal Health Initiative]
Email: carolyn.sturge@med.mun.ca

Varghese, Suja MSc (MED)
Clinical Lecturer

Watkins, Kathy
Professional Associate

Wright, Elizabeth BN, BSc (Memorial), MSc (McGill)
Professional Associate
[Epidemiologist, Public Health Agency of Canada]
Email: elizabeth.wright@phac-aspc.gc.ca

Professor Emeriti

Fodor, George MD, PhD (Prague), FRCPC
Professor Emeritus

West, Roy MSc, PhD (McGill)
Professor Emeritus
Email: roywest@mun.ca

Honorary Research Professors

Buehler, Sharon  BA (Illinois College), MA (Indiana), PhD (Memorial)
Honorary Research Professor of Epidemiology
Email: skb@mun.ca

Donovan, Catherine BMedSC, MD (Memorial University), MHSc (British Columbia)
Email: donovanc@mun.ca

Heath, Olga BA (Toronto), MSc (Memorial), PhD (Memorial)
Email:  oheath@mun.ca

Roebothan, Barbara
Email:  broeboth@mun.ca

Last Updated: June, 2020