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Academics & MCAT FAQs

  1. Is there an academic cutoff, GPA or MCAT, for applying?  
There is no minimum cumulative GPA or MCAT scores, however, applicants must demonstrate the ability to be competitive academically.   
Students must be able to demonstrate they can handle the heavy academic workload of medical school regardless of their GPA and/or MCAT scores. Applicants may not be excluded solely on the basis of academics IF other components of their application, like personal circumstances, work experience, and extra-curricular activities, and CASPer score merit further consideration. 
Applicants are assessed on an individual basis via a holistic approach whereby an applicant’s academic history, personal characteristics, and geographic background are considered in concert with personal circumstances and potential disadvantaging factors.  

  1. How is the overall academic average/GPA determined?  
An applicant’s overall academic average/GPA is determined by calculation of all courses taken each year at the University/College level. For grade conversion to Memorial University Grading System, please click here.
  1. The grading system at my university is completely different than Memorial's; how should I report my grades?   
In indicating your grades/GPA on the application, use the conversion table that is on your transcript if there is one. In order for the Admissions Office to evaluate your application you must be able to enter the annual and overall academic performance as a numerical average.
If your university issues letter grades only AND provides only a point conversion, use the grade conversion scale here to convert your letter grades to averages.
All grades entered by the applicant are verified internally via the official transcript from their corresponding university. Although an applicant indicates their grades on the application, the Admissions Committee's final decision is made using the official transcript and conversion table provided by the educational institution.   
      4. What is an ‘unofficial transcript’?

The difference between an official and unofficial transcript is found here.
      5. I did summer courses and not all of my grades are available; do I submit an unofficial transcript with my application or after I have these grades?

Do not wait to receive all grades from the summer semester. If summer grades are not available by the application deadline, submit all grades that you have at that time. If you are selected for an interview you will need to submit an official transcript and summer grades will be on it by the time your interview status is decided.