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  1. What information about the Reserve List is provided?  
The number of people on the Reserve List nor the position of any applicants is disclosed.  
Each competition pool has a Reserve List; applicants on the Reserve List may be contacted any time from May to July, should a seat become available.
All applicants are notified by email of either acceptance or rejection by the first day of classes.
  1. If I was not accepted this year, may I know why?   
Applicants who are not successful can contact the Admissions Office and arrange an appointment with the Assistant Dean for Admissions or the Admissions Officer about their application. 
Appointments are scheduled after the 14-day appeal period and prior to the application deadline date of the upcoming new application cycle.  Appointments may be either in person (when permitted) or by telephone.
  1. Can I appeal the decision of the Admissions Committee?
If you feel that the Admissions Committee erred in their decision, you may appeal according to the regulations in the University Calendar. Appeals are sent directly to the Dean’s Office.