About the Photographs

Dr. Cluny Macpherson gathered and inserted several photographs [ca. 1880]-[195-], into the two notebooks, 17 of which are included in this virtual exhibit. These 17 images include scenes of St. John’s, ships, an iceberg, Dr. Macpherson himself in the army in WWI, and a telegraph form. In notebook # 2, there is a series of twelve black and white photographs, several of which Dr. Macpherson took from the roof of the Grace Hospital, St. John’s, Newfoundland. He then proceeded to give a detailed description of each of the photographs in that series, identifying the buildings and people associated with them. In addition, on the backs of the photographs Dr. Macpherson identified various buildings, etc., and pinpricked the appropriate images on the photograph.

The pages which contain photographs are as follows:

Notebook # 1: Pages 98A146344
Notebook # 2: Pages 84.1a-84.12a (12 photographs), 116126

One may also search the photographs in the contentdm database by using the word “photograph”.

The Faculty of Medicine Founders’ Archive would like to thank Mr. Ian Macpherson, grandson of Dr. Cluny Macpherson, who kindly provided the photograph of Cluny Macpherson to be used on the header of the individual web pages of this virtual exhibit.

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