Professionalism and Mistreatment

Professionalism and Mistreatment

Dear learners, faculty and staff,

Welcome to the Faculty of Medicine’s professionalism and mistreatment resources webpage.

As the Dean of the Faculty of Medicine, I am committed to a learning environment free of bullying, intimidation, harassment, sexual harassment and sexual assault.

The resources you will find on these pages will help guide you should you need assistance with any issues related to mistreatment. They also contain resources to inform you of our policies and guidelines expected of everyone at the Faculty of Medicine in order to maintain a professional working and learning environment.

In addition to these resources, a Professionalism Working Group was established in June 2017 with a mandate to review professionalism practices and curriculum within all educational programs in the Faculty of Medicine, to create a set of recommendations to enhance the culture of professionalism within the faculty and encourage the appropriate development of a professional identity in our learners. Those recommendations will be made available here when they are finalized. You can also view our Statement of Professional Attributes here.

If you have any questions or suggestions, please don’t hesitate to contact me.

Margaret Steele, MD, FRCPC, MEd, DFCPA, CCPE, FCAHS
Dean of Medicine
Professor of Psychiatry
Faculty of Medicine
Memorial University of Newfoundland


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