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Center for Health Informatics and Analytics

How to transfer files to lsf

The following guide describes how to transfer your files to CHIA’s file management system (LSF). The instructions are broken down by Operating System (Linux or Windows).

Transferring a job to LSF:

Before submitting a job to LSF, you must first upload the required file to your user directory using a valid sftp program. 


A. Use Nautilus to upload
  1. Open Files then choose Connect to server at bottom left of the file screen.
  2. On the resulting box type ssh://
  3. Enter password as prompted:
  4. Drag and drop file you want copied
B. Use terminal window
  1. Open terminal window  
  2. Type scp filepath/filename username@server.Example: scp Documents/testdata.bash
  3. Enter your password when prompted
For instructions on how to open the Terminal window and login to Sched1, login1 and login2 please see the guide titled “How to log in to Sched1 Login1 and Login2.


  1. Download  an sftp program such as WinSCP (download link: *Note: You will need administrative privileges to your machine to install this program
  2. Download the version nearest the top of the page.
  3. Follow the Setup Wizard Instructions. Select “Typical installation.”
  4. Select “Commander” for User interface style. Complete the installation
  5. Open WinSCP
  6. Click on New Site and enter Host name (, user name and password. Choose SCP from the File protocol list (see below).
  7. Click Login
  8. You may see this warning message: 
  9. Click Yes
  10. You should now see a screen similar to this (see below):
  11. Find the file you need to upload on the left and drag it to your home directory on the right. This file should now appear in your /gpfs/home/username directory

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