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Resident Resources


Schedules & Handbook
Updated resident schedules & Handbook can be found on One45 and in the Postgraduate Family Medicine Office.

Resident Handbook

Welcome to Nunavut
Orientation Overview
Truth & Reconciliation Recommendations for Aboriginal Health
Baffin Orientation (Qikiqtani General Hospital - QGH)

Medivac Insurance - IMP
Pauktuuit Inuit Women of Canada
Inuit Story Bones

Aquatic Centre - Residents will be happy to know that reimbursement for a membership at this facility is one of the supports provided as part of Nunafam.
The Health NU App - Available in Android as well.

Resident Policies
There are a number of resident policies at the Postgraduate and Program Level.

The PGME office is responsible for policies including: ‚ÄčFamily Medicine residency specific policies include All Family Medicine resident policies can be found on One45.

Resident Forms
  Conference Leave Form 
  Elective Form
  Nunavut Application for Postgraduate License
  Nunavut Postgraduate License Registration Requirements
  HSIMS Webcast Agreement Form
  New Brunswick License *NEW PROCESS
  Leave Request Form
  Eastern Health Travel Claim Form
  MUN Travel Request Form
  MUN Travel Claim Form
  Resident Research Project Checklist
  Core Procedures 

Resident Wellness
It is important for residents to take care of themselves. To help with this care, a number of Family Physicians have agreed to see Family Medicine residents as needed. For a complete list please see One45.

Memorial University also has a Post Graduate Counsellor who is willing to meet with any resident. For contact information please see One45.


Resident Wellness Resources
  1. RDoC 
  2. CMA Physician Health Resources
  3. CMA Policy on Physician Resource Planning
  4. CMPA
  5. Family Physicians:  See One45 for a list of Family Physicians
  6. Family Physician at MUN: or (709) 864-7597
  7. PARNL
  8. Postgraudate Counsellor
  9. Sexual Harrassment
  10. inConfidence - Employee & Family Assistance Program
Physical Resources
  1. Strategies Resident-Physicians Use to Manage Sleep Loss and Fatigue
  2. Top 25 At-Home Exercises
  3. Epworth Sleepiness Scale
  4. Cookspiration
  5. Healthy Practices Podcasts – Canadian Medical Association
  1. Overcoming Compassion Fatigue
  2. A Guide to Understanding and Coping with Compassion Fatigue.
  3. Grief:  The Inner Life of Physicians and Care of the Seriously Ill
  4. Uncomplicated vs. Complicated Grief
  5. Bedtime Relaxation
  6. Mindful Yoga
  7. Mental Health Well-being Screening Quiz
  8. Anxiety Disorder Screening Quiz
  9. Spiritual Wellness Pulse Check
  1. A Physicians Multiple Roles
  2. Five Ways to Say ‘No’ Effectively
  3. Social Wellness Pulse Check
  4. Work-Life Balance Quiz
  1. When Physicians Feel Bullied:  Effective Coping Strategies
  2. Coping With an Adverse Event, Complaint, or Litigation
Equity, Inclusion & Diversity
  1. 20 Steps to an Out and Equal Workplace
  1. Health Professionals Advancing LGBT Equality
  2. Native Women’s Association of Canada
  3. Society of Rural Physicians of Canada
  4. Federation of Medical Women of Canada
  5. Canadian Association of Physicians with Disabilities
  1. How to Get Your Free Credit Report and Check Your Credit Score
  2. Free Webinars for Financial Wellness
  3. Finance Articles from Emergency Physicians Monthly
  4. MD Management
  5. Debt Payment, Interest, Expenses and Savings Calculators
  6. Free Interactive Budget Calculator Spreadsheet for Canadians
  1. Time Management:  A review for Physicians
  2. Reduce Test Anxiety:  Guided Visualization
All of the services listed below are confidential.  The services will only collect, use, or disclose your information to provide services and support to you, as consented by you, or as required by law.  All information you provide, including your personal and health information, and the fact that you have contacted the service, is held in confidence.

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