Family Medicine

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Dr. Katherine Stringer
Chair of Family Medicine

As I reflect on the past year, one full of successful challenges including Program accreditation, second year of matches to our distributed Streams programs and continued enhancement of longitudinal family medicine exposure in the undergraduate curriculum, I am struck by our alignment with the Primary Health Care Framework for Newfoundland and Labrador’s goals and objectives to Guide Action, most notably Goal 1 “engaged individuals, families, and communities sharing responsibility for health promotion, illness and injury prevention, early intervention and self-management”. Thank you to the wide range of individuals, organizations and communities who have joined us in the ongoing process of Primary Health Care Reform and shared our Discipline’s vision of guiding the next generation of family doctors into practice, by becoming actively engaged in the training of our medical students and residents.
As our distributed Streams Model of Education continues to develop so does our understanding of the many different roles of those involved in this process.
Our Stream Leads and Cabinets representing EastFam, CenFam, WestFam, NorFam, and NunaFam, continue to go above and beyond with new curricular innovations occurring regularly in the various distributed sites. Each Stream boasted many new successes including the biannual retreats combining local resources and skills to enhance the learning experience for our residents.
Educational initiatives within the Discipline continue with curricular development in all departments including postgraduate, undergraduate, enhanced skills and continuing professional development.
Research within the Discipline continues to flourish with approximately 23 new publications this year from PHRU as well as numerous grants and ongoing research publications in primary health care and medical education.
Clinically we continue to find ways to collaboratively support areas of need within our communities and benefit greatly from the input of our Patient Advisory Council in the process. Congratulations to the Patient Advisory Council on a successful start to their Research Project.
We continue to delight in the successes of individual members of our discipline and invite you to review all the rewards received in the past year both locally and nationally. Congratulations to all on the hard work that preceded these accolades.

Every year we celebrate the arrival of new members with the valuable addition of numerous part time faculty on whom our program depends so as well as four new full time faculty members, Amanda Tzenov, Chris Patey, Erin Smallwood and Amanda Hall and our Discipline Manager, Kristin Hanlon….welcome aboard!

The celebration of new arrivals is often preceded by the departure of valued colleagues and this year we bid farewell to two very well deserved retirees, Dr. Bill Eaton and LPN Maureen Pike. We look forward to keeping our connections strong!

As we prepare ourselves for the new year ahead, one where I am sure we will continue to approach our challenges positively and reap the resultant rewards, I challenge you to continue to question what we do both clinically and academically and find answers by engaging those around you including those that we serve.