Tips for Keyword Searching

Keyword Search is used to retrieve records with terms from the author, title, source, and keyword fields.
To execute the search, click the SEARCH button.
NOTE: The keyword field, which includes keywords assigned by the author (not mandatory) does not display.

Searches are not case insensitive.

To combine terms, use the Boolean operators:

is used to narrow search results. It retrieves records containing ALL terms
is used to broaden search results. It retrieves records containing ANY term
is used to narrow search results. It retrieves records with the first term, only if the records do not include the second term.
It should be used with caution.

To search for all possible endings of a term or phrase, enter the root of the term plus the truncation symbol *,  e.g. "educ*"   retrieves educ, educate, education, etc.

Author Searches:
Authors are entered as last name followed by one or two initials, e.g. Rourke J,   Rourke JT
To retrieve all records for an author, enter the author's last name only, e.g. rourke

Journal Searches:
Enter all or part of the journal title.
Date, volume, issue and page information can also be searched, e.g. "canadian family physician" and 2005 and 1240-1

Search Results:
Results are listed in order by year descending, then by author ascending and then by title ascending.

Full text
View Item, when available, links to the electronically available full text.
NOTE: To limit search results to those items that are available electronically, select the Search option. Under Choose Format, click the check box for “Limit to items available electronically”.