eHealth Research Unit


eConsult pilot in Newfoundland - May 2016

The eHRU has recently secured funding from the NLMA's Clinical Stabilization Fund to run a pilot replicating the Ontario Champlain BASE eConsult service here in Newfoundland and Labrador. The project will be conducted over a two year period.

Your Clerkship App Release - Sept 2015

Third year medical students at Memorial University of Newfoundland have a new app called Your Clerkship to assist them in their training. The app – available free from the App Store –  provides students with information in a format they can readily access while they are on their rotations.  It gives the information they need when they need it, not when the course fits into the teaching schedule. The crowdsourced app is designed to provide Clerks with the inside scoop on navigating their clerkships by sharing their own personal suggestions, hints and lessons learned with the Undergraduate Medical Education office that are in-turn shared on the Your Clerkship app.  The more you share with your colleagues the richer and easier everyone's experience will be. The app was developed in a collaboration between the undergraduate office of Memorial University’s Faculty of Medicine, HSIMS and the eHealth Research Unit, and includes notes, suggestions, and observations from students.

Workshop Presentation - Sept 2015

Dr. Roger Butler and Dr. Gerard Farrell presented:
"Designing an App for TeleGeriatric Care of Rural Seniors with Dementia"
at the 14th Conference of the Canadian Rural Health Research Society
Sept 20 - 22, 2015 in Edmonton, Alberta

The presentation was part of the Workshop: E-Health Delivery of Health Services for Rural and Northern Populations.

This 2-hour interactive workshop provided an introduction to e-health and its use in rural and northern settings. The session covered the basic concepts of e-health and presented several case studies examining the uses and limitations of delivering various types of health services electronically to patients in rural and northern communities in Canada and elsewhere.