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Tuckamore Simulation Research Collaborative

What we do - Living Labs

Living Labs


A Living lab is an experiential environment where users are immersed in a creative social space for designing and experiencing their own future. In principle, the living lab is different from the traditional test bed lab as the users are the objects of research (i.e. participants) as well as part of the research team (i.e. experimenters).

Point of Care Ultrasound Main Living Lab (PoCUS)

We are developing and continually improving the existing PoCUS training program at Memorial, as well as re-creating learning environments to teach PoCUS related skills for professions that have not had the opportunity to use ultrasound as a diagnostic modality to date.

Dr. Andrew Smith
Assistant Professor
Disciplines of Family and Emergency Medicine, MUN

Point of Care Ultrasound - Undergraduate Medical Education

This work focuses on generating empirical evidence on how to structure PoCUS training for undergraduate medical students, as well as developing competency based training and assessment models.

Clinical Assistant Professor
Discipline of Emergency Medicine, MUN
Clinical Assistant Professor
Discipline of Emergency Medicine, MUN 

The Living Labs and more traditional test-bed research is led collaboratively by 5 faculty members, Drs. B. Metcalfe, M. Parsons, P. Rogers, G. Sheppard, A. Smith, a resident Dr. J. Stone-McLean and undergraduate medical students H. Black and H. McCarthy together with A. Dubrowski and T. Renouf.

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