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Tuckamore Simulation Research Collaborative

Who we are - Partners



Our partners are those who are actively involved in the Tuckamore Collaborative by participating in our workshops, being part of our living labs and test bed labs, doing projects with us, or just wanting to be part of the community of simulation researchers. At this point we do not have a formalized process to become a partner, and partners’ involvement can be as big or as little as desired. As our partner pool grows, we will formalize the process more. To become a partner please email Adam.

Current Partners


Jill Allison                                         
Karen Angus                          
Simon Ash                                                                     
Doug Baggs                                                                    
Tina Bankovic                                                                  
Natalie Bandrauk                                                            
Roger Chafe                                                                   
Peggy Colbourne                                                   
Steve Crummey
Adam Dubrowski
Erica Hurley
Jennifer Lamswood

Sandra MacDonald
April Manuel
Sarah Mathieson

Rose Mengual
Brian Metcalfe 

John Mireau
Doug Morgan
Megan Morrison
Chesnel Norceide
Mike Parsons
Megan Pollard
Tia Renouf
Peter Rogers
Paula Rolfe
Sonia Sampson
Gillian Sheppard
Andrew Smith 

Megan Smith
Linda Sparkes
Yvel Zephyr 

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