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Tuckamore Simulation Research Collaborative

Who we are - Leadership


To date, Tuckamore has adopted a meta-leadership style. This is an overarching framework for strategically linking the efforts of different units to “provide guidance, direction, and momentum across organizational lines that develop into a shared course of action and commonality of purpose among people that are doing what may appear to be very different work.” (Marcus et al., 2006).

Meta-leadership is different from leadership. Leadership is the recognized span of authority that a person has in his or her formal role. Meta-leadership is leadership employing influence without and beyond formal authority. That is, meta-leaders seek to influence and activate change beyond established lines of standard decision-making and control, therefore driven by a purpose broader than that prescribed by their formal roles.


Adam Dubrowski

Tia Renouf


Marcus, L. J.; Dorn, B. C.; Henderson, J. M. (2006). Meta-leadership and national emergency preparedness: A model to build government connectivity. Biosecurity and Bioterrorism: Biodefense Strategy, Practice, and Science, 4(2): 128-134. Access.
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