Tuckamore Simulation Research Collaborative

Tuckamore Simulation Scholarship and Research Collaborative


Tuckamore is a Newfoundland term for tangled stands of spruce and balsam fir. Most of the growth occurs on the lee sides, the windward branches having been nipped by the wind, salt air, and cold. Tuckamore forests are tight places, very difficult to penetrate.

- Charles Frazier

Who are we?

Our collaborative was developed to support research activities related to using simulation as an educational tool within Memorial University, across many disciplines, faculties and geographical locations. The project involves collaboration with educators from many professions and disciplines distributed throughout the province.

The Tuckamore Collaborative functions by the same principles that spruce and balsam trees use to thrive together as a tuckamore in harsh climates. We value the importance of community, collegiality, mutual support and respect, and sharing goals for success. In other words, by providing isolated individuals or programs interested in research in simulation a community with common interests we hope to achieve growth and excellence in research and practise related to simulation.