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Tuckamore Simulation Research Collaborative
Annual Collections


Your posters need a home! Bring them to our Annual Collection. Posters are scholarly works on prominent display at most conferences, but once the show is over they curl up in a corner or hang out in lonely hallways. We want to bring them back into the light. The Annual Collection is designed to be a “virtual meeting” where anybody can see your work online. Forever.  Cureus will index your posters for citation in your academic Curriculum Vitae. 
Here is an example from the November 2015 Simulation Summit in Banff, Canada:
Whalen D, Black H, Harty C, et al. (2016) Uniquely interwoven for success: A student’s perspective from an active simulation research unit. Cureus 8(10): e.

How to submit
The poster must have been presented at a conference. We encourage presenters to submit their work in PDF format.  The content should be as similar as possible to the original presentation, but must not exceed 300 words.  We also require the following:
Last name, middle initial, first name initial; Institution, email address.
Meeting where the poster was presented:
Name of the meeting, location and dates.
Submissions should be directed to, and cc’d to  “Annual Collection Poster” must appear in the subject line.

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