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Support for Students with Disabilities

The Faculty of Medicine is committed to the inclusion of students with disabilities into the
Doctor of Medicine (M.D.) program, provided the student can satisfy the Technical Standards for Students in the MD Program. Each student with a disability is entitled to reasonable accommodation that will assist them in meeting the standards and progressing through the M.D. program. However, such accommodation cannot compromise patient safety and well-being or the goals of the medical education program as described in the Technical Standards.
The Faculty of Medicine abides by the principles outlined in the Accommodations for Students with Disabilities Policy and all related procedures when making student accommodation recommendations and decisions.

If a student received accommodations during secondary school and/or during a prior degree program they are strongly encouraged to contact the Student Wellness Consultant at the Student Affairs office.

Process for access to support services

To request an accommodation, students are encouraged to contact the Glenn Roy Blundon Centre. If the Student Wellness Consultant in the Faculty of Medicine is the first point of contact, the Student Wellness Consultant will facilitate a referral to the Blundon Centre, if requested by the student.
The Phase Lead will be notified of an accommodation recommendation and will communicate the accommodation to those involved with logistics and implementation the accommodation.

Throughout the accommodation process, the Learner Accommodations Committee will consult semi-annually to review accommodations with the aim to provide optimal student support while upholding the goals of the medical education program. Student accommodation recommendations are considered confidential and student accommodation information will be disclosed only to the individuals who are required to operationalize the accommodation.

All students with an accommodation are invited to meet with the Student Wellness Consultant at least once a year, preferably in person, to discuss their accommodation and learning needs.

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