Welcome to the Handbook, a reference for students of the M.D. Program. Whether you are a new student or in your final year of studies, this handbook is your web-based guide to the program.

This document will be regularly reviewed and updated. If there is additional content that you think should be included, please contact ugme.curriculum@med.mun.ca.
  • For Clerks: Information about progress testing is available here
  • For Clerks: Remember to routinely open the Tres 2 app while connected to the internet. Any clinic cards completed while offline will only show up on Tres 2 once the app is able to sync the data. 
  • Welcome Class of 2022!
  • Update for all students: Campus-wide university closures are now only shared via the MUN Safe App. Campus closures will no longer be posted online. All students should have the MUN Safe App downloaded to their mobile device.
  • For Clerks: Need help writing comments on your clinic cards? Find tips on writing a good clinic card here. The expected behaviours for each EPA, which can be used for narrative comments, are listed on the Entrustable Professional Activities page.  
  • The new "Standard of Practice: Professional Responsibilities in Medical Education" has been adopted by the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Newfoundland and Labrador (CPSNL). As Educational Registrants you need to review this, go to the Professionalism Expectations page to access the standard.
  • Reminder to all students: please be respectful of your colleagues, tutors and patients and avoid using phones during your sessions, unless otherwise agreed upon by all present.
  • For Clerks: checklists for mandatory procedures are now available on the new mandatory procedures & clinical experiences page.
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