Undergraduate Medical Education Program

Phases 1, 2 and 3 cover the first two years of the medical education program. Each phase consists of a health-stage, a clinical skills, a physician competencies and a community engagement course. Phase 4 constitutes the last two years of the program. 

Key components of the spiral curriculum
  • Tuesday afternoons are unscheduled and free for student-led active learning.
  • Students repeatedly encounter subjects in a learning ‘spiral’ starting with health and wellness and followed by acute, then chronic conditions. This is done through the use of stories based on fictional patients, communities and physician encounters.  ​
    • The stories help provide a structure for the curriculum and aid in the sequencing of learning activities.
  • During Phases 1, 2 and 3, students attend Integrated Learning Sessions (ILS) to integrate content from the preceding teaching block prior to the respective block exam. Student work in small groups for ILS and use parts of the fictional stories (stems) for their discussion.
    • ​ILS Enhances integration of CanMEDS roles into learning
  • Learning is blended among disciplines and subject areas to meet learning needs.
  • Small group sessions as well as self-directed and independent (including on-line modules) learning opportunities are key modalities of the curriculum. 
  • Student remediation occurs during each phase.
  • Periodic summative and formative assessments occur throughout each phase.

Program Objectives
The CanMEDS aligned MD program objectives guide curricular planning, identify general competencies expected of our medical graduates and are aligned with the Medical Council of Canada Objectives. Entrustable Professional Activities are mapped to program objectives and are assessed during Phase 4. 

Curriculum Map
The following curriculum map provides an overview of the undergraduate medical education curriculum:

The interactive curriculum maps for each class can be found here. The curriculum maps lists the learning objectives for each session and course. To view the learning objectives, select the appropriate course, then choose the session of interest and the information page lists the learning objectives including ID numbers. 

For more information on each course, refer to the approrpiate course descriptions for each phase:
Phase 1
Phase 2
Phase 3
Phase 4

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