Office of Student Affairs

Student Wellness

The Wellness Program is
  • Inclusive
  • Responsive to students' needs
  • Driven by student input
  • Confidential and safe
  • Proactive
The Wellness Program assists and supports MD students to focus on their wellness, engage in healthy activities, and make lifestyle changes that can assist them to maintain or create balance in their lives.  The focus of the program is two-fold. First, we aim to work proactively to enhance student wellness through education and the facilitation of wellness activities.  Second, we are here to respond effectively with appropriate support when students are facing challenges that impact on their academic and personal well-being. 
If we are unable to assist students directly with the support or advice they require, we can refer them to appropriate resources. The Student Wellness Office maintains current information about a wide range of supports and services available at Memorial University and in the community. Through networking and referrals we are able to ensure that all students receive timely and appropriate assistance.

The primary mandate of this office is to support undergraduate students. The Student Wellness Office is a space where students should feel free to discuss personal matters without fear of judgment or retribution. Our written privacy policy is designed to give students a full understanding of the scope and limitations of our commitment to confidentiality.