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Before you book ANY Travel, PLEASE READ!!
Travel Notes for Residents and Faculty
Information for Radiology web page
FOLLOW Step 1 & 3 for travel request and travel claims
  • submit a (1) Travel Request (for pre-approval) – include any car rental quotes as well for pre-approval and justification of why vehicle is required. 
  • submit a (3) Travel Claim (to close out your file in Finance Office)
Follow STEP 2  ONLY  if you want to be reimbursed for out of pocket expenses (i.e. airfare or conference fees only) before you travel – please complete a Travel Advance form and submit along with your travel request form.

STEP 1:  - Complete a TRAVEL REQUEST   - follow the guidelines below and submit travel request to June McGuire in Room H1650 for Dr. Conor Maguire’s approval and submission to Finance Office for final budget approval.
  • Require # 1 TRAVEL REQUEST before any travel is done for approval from Finance.  This has to be completed by the faculty or resident requesting travel. 
    • GET Prior approval/signature from Dr. Conor Maguire for travelling
    • If not submitted beforehand, travel may not get approved so it would be out of pocket for anyone that never submitted pre-approval.
      • Need membership form completed by applicant (if applicable – step 4)
      • Need quote of airfare to submit with travel request, hotel for expense ESTIMATE for Travel Costs only
    • Once approved by Finance office, you can go ahead and book airfare.
***Note:  If a car rental is required, you need to put that information on the travel request and submit quote and justification for needing a vehicle.
MUN Car Rental Policy
  • Rental of vehicles may be authorized only when it is the most economical means of transportation or when it is justifiable under special circumstances. Written justification must accompany travel claims.

    b. Receipts must be obtained for all such rentals. When renting vehicles on University business, employees are NOT to accept the collision damage waiver option. The University shall self-insure all collision damage losses due to accidents by employees when renting vehicles on University business. If possible, the vehicle should be rented using one of the designated corporate travel cards because use of these cards will provide automatic coverage of the collision damage waiver. In any case, the University will self-insure on collision damage.

    c. When renting vehicles on University business, employees are NOT to accept the personal accident insurance available. This type of insurance is not necessary as University employees are adequately covered by the various personal insurance plans, by Workers' Compensation and by the travel accident insurance policy in place on employees when on travel status for the University.
MUN Meal allowances:
(if meals are provided at a conference, then you only will get reimbursed for those not covered, i.e. if breakfast and lunch are provided, then you can only claim supper $25.00 allowance
  • Meals  (see MUN Travel  General website link noted below)
  • $10.00 breakfast
  • $15.00  lunch
  • $25.00  supper
  • Total Canadian daily allowance = $50.00
Other meal allowance - both in Europe or outside U.S. = $55.00 US dollars
    • These also depend on the times departed and arrivals.  If the person is attending a conference and meals are provided, you do not claim. 
STEP 2: - TRAVEL Advance Request  (FOR OUT OF POCKET expenses i.e. airfare or conference fees)
  • # 2 Travel Advance Request
    • To be completed for any out of pocket expenses (before travel) i.e. paid airfare or conference fees only.
      • NEED TO SUBMIT RECEIPTS with the request (as paid out of pocket expenses)
      • Copy of VISA statement
**PLEASE NOTE: IF A PERSON RECEIVES A “TRAVEL ADVANCE” AND DOES NOT COMPLETE A TRAVEL CLAIM TO CLOSE THEIR FILE, THEY ARE LIABLE TO REPAY THE UNIVERSITY THE MONIES ADVANCED TO THEM**.  We need to know the circumstances regarding the travel and why they are not submitting a claim; i.e.  did they travel after all – were there extenuating circumstances.
  • Travel outside US (including Euorope)
    • The per diems are calculated at $55.00 US daily
STEP 3: - Complete a TRAVEL CLAIM ** after you return from trip - has to be submitted within 10 working days of trip completion
  • # 3 Travel Claim – submissions
    • Need Original Boarding passes where possible
      • If boarding pass is  electronic by phone, can submit photocopy and note on it that it was a copy of the electronic boarding pass
      • Copy of Travel Itinerary and boarding passes
    • Require “ALL” original receipts
      • Need a detailed receipt of what was paid (i.e. Sandwiches, drink etc.) for not just the small visa slip with the total
      • If you don’t have detailed receipts which lists purchases–(i.e. 1 lb. wings, sandwich, drink) and only have a VISA slip; an Affidavit form Step 5 (for lost or unavailable original receipts) is to be completed by claimant.  Follow the guidelines below in Step 5.
    • Copies of credit card statement showing payment for any memberships, registrations, hotels or travel
    • When booking FLIGHTS (Tango/Flex) seat selections costs are FREE, if they select business class for preferred seat selection then only reimburse ½ cost (i.e. if $40 only claim $20)
    • Attending Conferences or Workshops
      • Need an Agenda or program to attach to claim for days there (to show if any meals etc. were provided so don’t claim MUN per diem allowance.
    • Hotel Accommodations if in Europe (or outside Canada)
  • If breakfast is claimed as $17 (delete from claim) and only ADD in PER DIEM meals allowed for MUN
 ***Visiting Professor- before he/she leaves – need signature on Travel Claim form
# 4 – Membership form
  • This form has to be completed and submitted with Travel Request form If this is a new membership or for membership renewals

# 5 – Affidavit form for Lost or Unavailable Original Receipts (see the following procedure to follow)
An employee MUST provide original detailed receipts when requesting reimbursement for business expenses incurred.  However on rare occasions an original receipt by become lost or unavailable, then you can submit this form.
  1.  This form should be used when an original receipt is lost or unavailable.
  2. Attempts should be made to get a detailed copy of the lost receipt and attach it to the form. Airlines, hotels, and many other vendors can often provide a detailed COPY of the receipt that outlines what was purchased.
  3. If no detailed receipt copy is available, this form must provide a detailed description of what was purchased.
4.Proof of payment, i.e. Credit card slips or copies of credit card statements, should be attached when possible to verify that payment was made.  For security reasons please ensure your credit card number is redacted.
  1. The form must be SIGNED by a person authorized to approve the expense (Chair)
6.The form may not be completed on a routine basis and the University reserves the right to refuse reimbursement for lost receipts if the form is overused.

Other General Information:
US Currency converter website for daily conversion rates:  http://www.bankofcanada.ca/rates/exchange/?page_moved=1
MUN Travel General Website:  http://www.mun.ca/policy/site/policy.php?id=140
Rural Rotations
  • you will need to complete an EASTERN HEALTH travel claim with receipts and submit to the Postgraduate Medical Education Office for reimbursement.