Discipline of Pediatrics

Pediatric Clerkship Overview

The Pediatric Core Rotation of eight (8) weeks block is divided into:

Four (4) weeks Ward Rotation which will include a week (or equivalent) of several clinic experiences at the Janeway. Students will be assigned either to Team A (Blue) or Team B (Green).  Members of each team are as listed and their interests/specialties under the handouts and links section on One 45.

There is an option to do the equivalent of the four (4) weeks Ward Rotation in three (3) peripheral community hospitals (Corner Brook, Grand Falls-Windsor and St. Anthony) depending on the availability of time slots and factors at the discretion of the discipline. Those interested should indicate this option.

Another option is to do the entire eight (8) weeks in Saint John, New Brunswick.  The design of the rotation is different than at the Janeway but all aspects are covered.

Neonatology – two (2) weeks rotation. Neonatologist and/or pediatricians will be on call with the clerk.

ER – two (2) weeks at the Janeway. Emergency room physicians and other staff will be working with the clerk.

For the eight (8) weeks rotation in St. John’s, every Wednesday 1-4 p.m. will be dedicated to academic half-day for interactive clinical clerks seminars. All clerks are required to attend.

Clinical Performance (*In-Training Assessment Report (ITAR))

Wards - 3 weeks In-patient and 1 week Clinics
Neonates - 2 weeks
Emergency - 2 weeks
*Clinical Performance - The In-Training Assessment Report (ITAR) outlines the standards by which students will be graded on their clinical performance.  During each phase of their rotation, students will receive evaluations from their staff persons and residents based upon this performance standard.

Students should realize that their attitude and professionalism will have an impact on assessment.  Students who exercise unprofessional behavior in their interactions with patients, nursing staff, administrative staff and other personnel at the School of Medicine while on their pediatric clerkshop rotation are performing below expectations.

Written Examination/Mini Clinical Evaluation Exercise/Essay Assignment:

+ 2 Mini CEX's
+ Essay Assignment

*The National Board of Medical Examiners (NBME) Pediatric Subject Examination is given on the final day of the clerkship rotation.  The pass mark is 60.
+2 mini CEX's will need to be completed.  One during the first four weeks that will be formative and can be completed by staff or senior resident and the other during the last four weeks that will be summative and has to be completed by staff.
+The essay assignment will be a personal experience with the CanMeds role of health advocate.  This will need to be 2 pages, typed, single spaced, 12 point font.  Please email your assignment to Ms. Blair Brush at peds@med.mun.ca on Friday of the 5th week of your rotation.

Other Activities:
Completion of 8 interactive computer cases (CLIPP*) and MID TERM assignment.  Students will have to complete a preset number of interactive computer based cases (Mandatory cases are: four of Case 10, 12, 13, 14, 27 and four of your choice), and a midterm assignment, which will be emailed during week five and should be emailed before the Monday of week 6.

T-Clerk: Mandatory
Clerks are required to complete at least 50 T-Clerk experiences during their eight weeks.

For more information about the Pediatrics Clerkship, visit One 45.

Contact information:

Dr. Mary Jane Smith, Pediatrics Discipline Coordinator (maryjane.smith@easternhealth.ca )

Ms. Jacqueline Doran, Academic Program Administrator (jacqueline.doran@med.mun.ca ) or 709-777-4699

Ms. Blair Brush, Academic Program Assistant (peds@med.mun.ca ) or 709-777-4118