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Postgraduate Medical Education

Respectful Learning Environment for Medical Education

PGME’s policy on Intimidation and Harassment has been replaced with the Faculty of Medicine’s policy and procedure: Respectful Learning Environment for Medical Education.  Applicable to both undergraduate and postgraduate medical education students, this policy aims to ensure all learners are treated with respect in an accepting environment.

Purpose of the Policy:

To outline the expectations, guidelines, and processes that are intended to support individuals and sustain a respectful learning environment free from intimidation and harassment in Undergraduate Medical Education and Postgraduate Medical Education at Memorial University of Newfoundland.

Key Points:

  • As per the Memorial University of Newfoundland Code, all members of the Memorial University of Newfoundland Community, which includes Learners, Faculty, and Staff, share a responsibility to treat others with respect and fairness, be responsible and honest, and uphold the highest standards of academic integrity.       
  • All Learners are entitled to interact in an environment that stresses acceptance, values diversity, requires respect for dignity and the interests of others, and is free from any form of harassment.
  • Behaviour that is intimidating and/or harassing towards another individual is not tolerated.

Residents may attempt to resolve conflicts through the processes outlined in this policy; alternately, residents may attempt to seek resolution through other means, including ones established by applicable disciplines and health care authorities.

If you feel you have been mistreated and would like to speak with someone under the terms of this policy, please contact our Postgraduate Medical Education Counsellors.

All complaints are kept confidential, and are handled in accordance with applicable privacy legislation.  

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