Leadership - Unit Assessment

In November 2017, there were concerns raised about the Faculty of Medicine’s learning environment. These concerns included allegations of bullying, intimidation, harassment and sexual harassment. As a result of the issues, authorization for a unit assessment was requested from the president of Memorial University, which was granted.
The Unit Assessment, conducted by Dr. Sandra LeFort, involved written submissions by learners, staff and faculty members as well as an opportunity for learners, staff and faculty to meet individually with Dr. LeFort. Dr. LeFort also reviewed key documents including policies and procedures related to intimidation, harassment and sexual harassment. The Unit Assessment can be found here.
Upon release of the unit assessment final report in July of 2018, the dean of medicine established a Unit Assessment Working Group to review the 39 recommendations and to establish an implementation plan. This working group is comprised of faculty and staff members that reflect key leadership positions within the Faculty of Medicine as well as learner representatives from the doctor of medicine (MD) program, postgraduate training programs and graduate studies.

Unit Assessment Report Update

On March 15, 2019 the Faculty of Medicine delivered a unit assessment progress report to President Gary Kachanoski. The report contains the faculty’s progress on the implementation of the recommendations contained in the unit assessment. President Kachanoski has accepted the report and supports our work on addressing the recommendations.
The recommendations that have already been addressed include:
  • Increasing awareness of policies and procedures regarding intimidation, bullying, harassment and sexual harassment with education sessions.
  • website focused on professionalism and mistreatment, which contains resources and contact information for faculty, staff and learners.
  • A Professionalism Working Group established in June 2017 with a mandate to review professionalism practices and curriculum within all educational programs, to create a set of recommendations to enhance the culture of professionalism within the faculty and encourage the appropriate development of a professional identity in our learners. 
  • A survey of faculty, staff and learners on mistreatment.
  • Changes and updates to some policies.
Upcoming initiatives of the Unit Assessment Working Group
  • Creation of a training module regarding professionalism and mistreatment.
  • There will be a reconstitution of the Office of Student Affairs. 
  • A planning committee has been established to develop an action plan to develop an assistant dean, Faculty Equity and Wellness position.
  • Development of new, and review of existing, policies and procedures.
  • A report on the results of the recently completed survey of faculty, staff and learners on mistreatment. 
If you have any concerns or feedback regarding the implementation of the unit assessment recommendations, please do not hesitate to contact the policy analyst (Jacinta.reddigan@med.mun.ca).